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Gehenna comes from a term meaning "Valley of Hinnom," which lies just outside the City of Jerusalem. During the time of Christ, Gehenna was used as a trash dump and It was here that the bodies of criminals were thrown and burned. It was a place of terribl
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Revelation 20:15
Tags: Hell
Shared: 9/8/2003
This sermon outline illustrates four truths concerning the tounge.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: James 3:2-3:12
Shared: 6/20/2002
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 16:19-16:31
Tags: none
Shared: 10/18/2000
Hell is a place of truth, where the true nature of the human condition will be exposed. If God is holy, there must be a hell. Whereas heaven consists of "whosoever will", hell is a place of "whosoever won’t".
Denomination: Congregational
Tags: Hell
Shared: 9/29/2002
I have heard the terms "GO TO HELL" and "SEE YOU IN HELL" used all too casually over the years. Hell, as described in the Bible, is not something you would wish on even your worst enemies.
Series: Matthew
Shared: 5/15/2010
The Spirit of the Lord is crying unto us this day, that is why the Bible says, “He that has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying.” It means that the fact that we have something representing ears does not mean that we hear. It is only those who have
Denomination: Pentecostal
Shared: 7/8/2009
Hell is real and many so called Christians and sinner will go there because of false teaching. This is a walk through of scriptures on hell. Hell is real the choice is yours.
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: Hebrews 9:27
Shared: 1/21/2010
Heaven and Hell in the Afterlife according to the Bible.
Denomination: Orthodox
Scripture: Luke 16:19-16:31
Shared: 11/7/2009
Death by fire is a horrible, awful, painful way to die! People are naturally sympathetic; and, their hearts go out to burn victims and people who have died in tragic fires!
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Luke 16:19-16:24
Shared: 9/8/2009
Many pastors do not want to preach on HELL fearing they’ll not appear relevant. It’s pressure from the culture to not speak anything negative. Apparently we have begun to deny hell. There’s an assumption that everybody’s going to make it to heaven somehow
Scripture: Luke 16:19-16:31
Shared: 8/6/2009