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Taking God’s name in vain is more than just using or avoiding certain words in your language. It starts there, but it includes your actions too.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Exodus 20:7
Shared: 1/18/2002
What are we doing to "hallow" God’s Name?
Denomination: Congregational
Shared: 7/6/2002
6 powerful things found in the name above all names - Jesus Christ!
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 4:5-4:14
Shared: 10/4/2005
The devil knew exactly who the true believers were he had to watch out for. He still knows who the true believers are.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 19:11-19:16
Tags: Holiness
Shared: 7/10/2003
The Psalmist tells us why we give glory to God alone. 1- Because God is loving and faithful 2- Because God is the one true God 3- Because God remembers and blesses
Shared: 9/17/2013
What is a "counselor"? And what difference is Jesus as our "wonderful counselor" from the many good "counselors" listen to every day?
Scripture: Isaiah 8:11-9:7
Shared: 12/7/2008
Explanation of the names given to the child, "Jesus" and "Immanuel", and how it impacts us today.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Isaiah 7:14-7:15
Shared: 12/12/2006
Praying the Lord’s Prayer and honoring God’s name must be more than lip service. It must be heart service.
Shared: 6/7/2004
What is it about the titles "Mighty God" and "Everlasting Father" that can give us hope?
Scripture: Isaiah 9:1-9:7
Shared: 12/14/2008
The one name that can bring unity and harmony in Christendom is the name of Jesus.
Scripture: Acts 11:25-11:26
Shared: 5/6/2007