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Sol Madlambayan avatar
Memorial always Fresh
Shared by: Sol Madlambayan on Sep, 2003
Summary: Memorial Day
based on 68 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 10:7
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 1,994
Sol Madlambayan avatar
Your labor in not in vain.
Shared by: Sol Madlambayan on Sep, 2003
Summary: Our labor for the Lord is always vital.
based on 58 ratings
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 14,748
Jim Butcher avatar
How To Be A Faithful Soldier In God's Army
Shared by: Jim Butcher on Oct, 2003
Summary: This message explores some of the key concepts in being a "good soldier of Jesus Christ."
based on 79 ratings
Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-13
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 4,072
Brian  Byers avatar
Freedom & Forgiveness Are Never Free...
Shared by: Brian Byers on Nov, 2003
Summary: Melvin Newland (Brownsvill Christian church) laid the Groundwork for this one, This is what I ended up with including an order of service and song selections. preached at a veteran’s day service. I have stood on the shoulders of Giants... Thanks Melvi
based on 55 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 10:45
Views: 4,548
Dennis Clark avatar
Songs in the Night, A Soldier
Shared by: Dennis Clark on Nov, 2000
Summary: A veteran's day sermon
based on 244 ratings
Scripture: Acts 16:19-32
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,012
Antonio Torrence avatar
Labor Pains
Shared by: Antonio Torrence on Nov, 2000
Summary: This sermon is about viewing the daily pains of our life as a sign of the birth of a new life occurring.
based on 123 ratings
Scripture: Romans 8:18-28
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 2,263
David DeWitt avatar
The memorial of A Martyr
Shared by: David DeWitt on Dec, 2000
Summary: A message for Memorial Day
based on 203 ratings
Scripture: Acts 7:54-8:1
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 1,347
Douglas Snipes avatar
Taking Time To Remember
Shared by: Douglas Snipes on Jun, 2004
Summary: Memorial Day
based on 286 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 12:14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 7,136
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on Jun, 2004
Summary: Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did God permit me to wake up this morning? Why is my heart still beating? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence?" (PowerPoint available- #258)
based on 218 ratings
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:1-14
Views: 12,640
Steve Malone avatar
Shared by: Steve Malone on Jul, 2004
Summary: This week as I sat at my desk, I asked myself – what does Jesus want us to remember about Him as we take communion? FRIENDS – I thought long and hard on this. AND – in our time remaining I’d like to share with you what I came up with…
based on 73 ratings
Scripture: Luke 22:19
Views: 1,177
Donnie  Martin avatar
Shared by: Donnie Martin on Oct, 2004
Summary: This message encourages us to not only remember those who have died to preserve our country’s freedom, but also to remember the One who suffered and died to set us free from the law of sin and death, providing us with eternal forgiveness and salvation.
based on 21 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 103:2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 3,262
Dana Visneskie avatar
The Importance of Remembering
Shared by: Dana Visneskie on Nov, 2004
Summary: Why is it important to remember? I give the reason why it’s important and show 4 areas God remembers in for our benefit. A great Remebrance Day sermon, enjoy!
based on 34 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 4,111
David DeWitt avatar
Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful
Shared by: David DeWitt on Nov, 2004
Summary: This was a message prepared for our annual Veteran’s Day celebration on the faithfulness of Jesus
based on 36 ratings
Scripture: Revelation 19:11-16
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 1,673
Joseph Smith avatar
It Is Finished!
Shared by: Joseph Smith on May, 2003
Summary: For Labor Day Sunday: God is not finished with His work on us until we finish our work for Him. An experiential service.
based on 55 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,056
Thomas Dibble avatar
Build A Memorial
Shared by: Thomas Dibble on May, 2003
Summary: Build a memorial of the great things that God has done for you in your life. He has been good to us. He has blessed us beyond measure. When we didn’t deserve it God was good to us.
based on 210 ratings
Scripture: Joshua 4:1-7
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 10,447
Kenneth  Trent avatar
Shared by: Kenneth Trent on May, 2003
Summary: It is altogether proper that we pay tribute to the memory of those who have died in the defense of our freedom, but we must never cease to remember the wonderful things we have as a result of the death of our Savior on Calvary.
based on 58 ratings
Scripture: Acts 11:16
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,273
Jerry Flury avatar
What it Takes to be a Christian Hero
Shared by: Jerry Flury on May, 2003
Summary: What does God look for in a hero? Those who are willing to 1. believe God’s Word, 2. commit to God’s Will, and 3. devote oneself to God’s Work.
based on 173 ratings
Scripture: Hebrews 11:32-12:2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 63,201
Edwin Amundson avatar
Shared by: Edwin Amundson on May, 2003
Summary: Curious Memorial Day Sermon that examines the legacy of every believer.
based on 74 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 112:1-10
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 5,917
Brian Atwood avatar
What Will Your Memorial Be?
Shared by: Brian Atwood on May, 2003
Summary: What others will remember us for - according to Jesus.
based on 291 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 26:6-13
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 30,490
Mark Elkins avatar
Shared by: Mark Elkins on May, 2003
Summary: Remembering in and of itself brings a dilemma. I can remember the things I need to forget, and I forget the things that I should remember. Anyone else have that problem? Can I get a witness? So tell your neighbor, “You need to remember the right thing
based on 37 ratings
Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-13
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 567
Abraham Shanklin avatar
A Drive Back Down Memory Lane
Shared by: Abraham Shanklin on May, 2003
Summary: There is specific memorial I draw your attention to found in the text that was established for the purpose of remembering the God who facilitated their deliverance to the promise land.
based on 88 ratings
Scripture: Joshua 4:1-9
Views: 8,800
Jim Kane avatar
What Are We Supposed To Remember?
Shared by: Jim Kane on May, 2003
Summary: We are to remember courage, responsibility, committment and sacrifice.
based on 30 ratings
Denomination: Church Of God
Views: 949
Joseph Smith avatar
Work To Eat Or Eat To Work?
Shared by: Joseph Smith on Jun, 2003
Summary: Why work? Work has meaning as a witness, as a way of focusing our efforts for the Kingdom. Look at the work of Christ, so that you do not lose motivation to work.
based on 42 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,434
Naveen Balakrishnan avatar
Free At Last
Shared by: Naveen Balakrishnan on May, 2004
Summary: The Psalmist present a marvelous message of redemption in the lives of the Hebrew Children
based on 12 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 126:1-6
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 391
Jerry Shirley avatar
Mapping Fault Lines in America - Memorial Day - Independence Day
Shared by: Jerry Shirley on May, 2004
Summary: Who is to blame?: CORRUPT POLITICIANS, COMPROMISING PREACHERS, COMPLACEMENT PEOPLE. Link included to Formatted Text and Powerpoint.
based on 357 ratings
Scripture: Micah 3:1-12
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 51,540
Brian Atwood avatar
God's Memorial Day - The Passover
Shared by: Brian Atwood on May, 2001
Summary: Re-examining the first Memorial Day (the Passover) to learn why remembering God’s blessings not only honors Him but also helps us in times of trouble.
based on 397 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 12:1-14
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 17,265
Steve Malone avatar
In Remembrance Of Me
Shared by: Steve Malone on May, 2001
Summary: We are a forgetful people. Not only do we forget names, where we put our wallet, the meaning of memorial day - but we also tend to forget God and all that he has done for us... - THAT IS WHY throughout the bible God’s people are exhorted to remember him.
based on 520 ratings
Views: 15,377
Shared by: MELVIN NEWLAND on May, 2001
Summary: The song says, “God bless America, land that I love…” I’m convinced that God has blessed America. But the Bible teaches that to whom much is given, much is expected. If so, then God must expect a lot from America. (Powerpoint Available - #277)
based on 407 ratings
Views: 21,707
Bruce Howell avatar
The Gift of Memory
Shared by: Bruce Howell on May, 2001
Summary: To call attention to the roll of memorials as "memory aids" so that we will reflect and commit to appropriate action.
based on 590 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 103:1-6
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 9,731
Evie Megginson avatar
Shared by: Evie Megginson on May, 2001
Summary: Memorial Day is an important day to our Nation, but every Christian should have a “memorial stone” to go back to that reminds them of a certain time and place they experienced the power of God.
based on 363 ratings
Scripture: Joshua 4:6-7
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 12,842