EXCLUSIVE: Sermon Series Kit Ľ
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A Palm Sunday message to prepare people for the Holy Week.
Denomination: Methodist
Shared: 3/18/2002
Pentecost foreshadows the truth that during the church age, a new phase in Godís program has emerged: Jewish and Gentile believers are united in one body through the Holy Spirit -- and God uses them to labor for a harvest of people.
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Shared: 3/15/2005
Team taught with two pastors. An examination of the eight days revolving around Christís passion and resurrection.
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Matthew 28:5-28:7
Shared: 10/17/2009
An understanding of the history of Pentecost. Also a bit on living a Spirit filled life
Denomination: Salvation Army
Scripture: John 16:5-16:11
Shared: 10/28/2009
Travel in your imagination back to the last days of Jesus's ministry...
Denomination: Anglican
Scripture: Luke 22:14-23:49
Shared: 2/15/2010
Christ institutes a new, different sort of Passover Meal for his disciples and all would be followers of him: A meal of love and forgiveness.
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Luke 22:7-22:20
Shared: 3/16/2001
Jesus compares his Father to a Landlord in Luke 20, and in this study we learn that the Lord is a perfectly patient Landlord, as well as a thoroughly just Landlord.
Series: C - Lent 5
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Luke 20:9-20:19
Shared: 3/29/2004
This homily is to demonstrate that by His actions on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper, he shows the intimate connection of personal service and love in the community to divine worship at the Euchrist.
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican
Shared: 6/24/2002
We reflect upon Jesusí Triumphal Entry and our hopes in and expectations of Jesus, our Messiah, as he travels from Celebration and welcome, to rejection.
Series: Lent 2009
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Scripture: Mark 11:1-11:11
Shared: 4/1/2009