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This is the first message in a series looking at classic Christmas stories and relating them to the biblical account of Jesus’ birth.
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:18
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/6/2002
5 signs that will enable you to identify the grinches in your life
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:18
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 1/28/2002
Why did Herod want to kill the Christ child? His motivation has much in common with those today who want to kill Christmas.
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:20
Shared: 12/13/2004
There are all kinds of Grinches trying to steal Christmas, here’s a look at five of them.
Denomination: Wesleyan
Scripture: Luke 2:8-2:20
Shared: 12/22/2003
Lucifer is no fairy tale but he is like that old Grinch in Dr. Seuss’ book. He keeps stealing the meaning of Christmas from everyone he can.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Isaiah 14:12-14:15
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/15/2004
Herod was the original Grinch. Let’s examine his heart so we can examine our own.
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:23
Shared: 12/5/2009
The story of Herod and the Wise Men: Herod completely missed Christmas. The Wise Men found a king. Who will we be more like?
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:11
Shared: 1/19/2006
Within people there is a desire for meaning in life. This is a sermon for those who are searching.
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:12
Tags: Christmas
Shared: 12/14/2000
No Grinch can take away the true meaning of Christmas, because Jesus was born for us! (uses refernces from Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas).
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Luke 2:1-2:20
Shared: 1/2/2002
Adapted from another sermoncentral sermon, this reinterpretation of "The Grinch who stole Christmas" Movie and Dr Seuss book encourages us to look for the real meaning of Christmas. Given at Midnight Mass 2000
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican
Scripture: John 1:1
Shared: 1/19/2001