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The Cross created a situation where the Son of God would call us His friends. How can that be?
Series: At the Cross
Scripture: John 15:9-15:17
Shared: 4/19/2002
When doctrine and truth are abandoned, when the authority of the Scriptures is denied you do not get liberal Christianity. You get a whole new religion; Perverted by man. Jesus is the way, Jesus is the truth, Jesus is the life. It Is all about Jesus.
Denomination: Anglican
Shared: 11/17/2010
This was the next-to-last message in a series from 1 John on Johnís command to "love one another"
Denomination: *Other
Shared: 7/27/2003
Jesus placed high value on women during His earthly ministry. We should do the same.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Mark 16:9
Tags: Forgive, Women
Shared: 5/10/2005
Jesus tells us what to do in the face of opposition. 1- Stand your ground. 2- Follow the leader. 3- Panic not.
Shared: 8/26/2006
What it takes to avoid hell.
Shared: 11/20/2006
Jesus talks about several things that we need to be aware of before the end comes. 1- There will be worldwide chaos 2- There will be hatred of people 3- There will be false leaders 4- There will be much wickedness 5- There will be much preaching
Scripture: Matthew 24:1-24:14
Shared: 3/5/2007
There are seven woes in this text. Letís consider only a few of these to see how they apply to us.
Scripture: Matthew 23:1-23:33
Shared: 3/2/2007
If you donít get Jesus right and donít get right with Him, everything else is wrong. A message to lift up Jesus in light of the DaVinci deception.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 4/28/2006
1- We must interpret the times, not the seasons 2- We must beware of the yeast, not the bread 3- We must cling to the rock, not the sand
Shared: 12/5/2006