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Joseph, Pt. 1 of 4
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-37:36
Shared: 12/1/2003
A first person narrative sermon on the life of Joseph from slavery to Prime Minister of Egypt.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-50:20
Shared: 1/8/2001
In observance of my 17th anniversary as pastor; to worship is to become available for God’s purposes, which mean being sent to unreceptive and impossible situations. Can we dream impossible dreams about our church’s building, properties, ministries with
Series: Available
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-6:12
Shared: 7/19/2003
When all the circumstances said, "No way.", God said, "No, this way!"
Denomination: Brethren
Scripture: Genesis 37:5-50:20
Tags: Faith
Shared: 6/7/2004
Like Joseph, we have a destiny for our lives. What is it and how can we learn from Joseph’s life and how he realized his dream?
Scripture: Genesis 40:1-41:14
Shared: 1/19/2003
What did Joseph’s dreams mean for him? For others? For Israel? And did God give our nation’s founders a similar dream for America?
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-37:11
Shared: 7/4/2010
A message preached to youth - never give up on the dream God gives you!
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-40:23
Shared: 4/28/2003
God wants us to dream big. He also wants us to look for ways to help other people achieve their dreams. We need to become dream releasers!
Denomination: Foursquare
Scripture: Genesis 40:1-41:52
Shared: 1/23/2010
today, let’s look into these verses and see the truths that God has placed here. I want to take these verses and preach on The Heartbreak of a Shattered Dream.
Series: Joseph
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 5/5/2010
I imagine that each and every one of us have dreamed - at one time or another! We may have dreamed about being successful in business, in sports, in parenting; or, in education; but, whatever our dream is, we should never give up on our dream!
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Genesis 37:1-37:8
Tags: Dreams, Joseph
Shared: 11/15/2008