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An apologetic on why to choose a servant attitude over a selfish attitude.
Denomination: United Methodist
Scripture: James 4:1-4:7
Shared: 7/5/2001
The 4 Ps to the presence and power of God are to be balanced against the cross. When we keep them in proper balance they produce a Spiritually Balanced Life. This spiritually balanced life then creates wholeness within the life of the individual.
Shared: 11/5/2001
Then Pilate entered the headquarters again, summoned Jesus, and asked him, Are you the King of the Jews? Jesus answered, Do you ask this on your own, or did others tell you about me? Pilate replied, I am not a Jew, am I? Your own nation and the chief
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican
Scripture: John 18:0-33:38
Shared: 12/3/2009
When they were approaching Jerusalem, at Bethphage and Bethany, near the Mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples and said to them, Go into the village ahead of you, and immediately as you enter it, you will find tied there a colt that has never bee
Series: Mark 11:1-11
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican
Scripture: Mark 11:1-11:11
Shared: 6/18/2009
Paul charged Timothy to preach the word of God as knowledge of it is vital to overcoming a hostile environment(3:15-17). Pastors must prioritize the faithful preaching of Gods revealed word but why? 5 incentives prioritizing the preaching of Gods word
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:1-4:8
Shared: 6/8/2010
Preaching the Gospel brings the power of the kingdom to the very doorstep of those who do not know God.
Scripture: Luke 10:1-10:16
Shared: 4/3/2009
The need for true repentance, and amendment of life.
Scripture: Matthew 3:1-3:12
Shared: 11/28/2013
The story of Nicodemus helps us see that until the truth of Jesus dawns on us, we remain in the dark.
Denomination: Brethren
Scripture: John 3:1-3:16
Shared: 3/16/2007
An analysis of the preaching of Jesus in Luke 4:42-44 will teach us the necessity of responding to Jesus' preaching.
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Scripture: Luke 4:42-4:44
Shared: 4/15/2013