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How to plead with God to hear your prayers. 1- Ask early 2- Hate evil 3- Seek mercy 4- Live righteously 5- Find refuge
Shared: 10/28/2012
The Lord’s Prayer was not given to be just be recited as a ritual. It is actually given to us as the Lord’s blueprint for prayer that is acceptable to God.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 8/6/2002
God’s provision, our contentment, and our need to share with others physical & spiritual bread
Denomination: Congregational
Shared: 7/6/2002
Luke interrupts his story of the missionary journeys to introduce the reader to a man named Apollos.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 18:24-18:28
Shared: 6/28/2001
Prayer is the key ingredient in having a home that honors God ­ for husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and children. Prayer is also one of our six stated purposes as a church. We must learn to pray the Lord’s way in order to pray effectively.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 11:1-11:13
Shared: 5/20/2003
What happens when the Gospel is proclaimed in Satan’s territory.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 19:8-19:20
Shared: 7/10/2001
Three specific ingredients necessary for a life of faith, drawn from the life of Abraham as recorded in Hebrews 11.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Hebrews 11:8-11:19
Shared: 7/10/2001
What are we doing to "hallow" God’s Name?
Denomination: Congregational
Shared: 7/6/2002
It’s become fashionable for churches to "target" a specific audience in their messages and ministry. But is that really such a good idea? Is it possible that in targeting specific groups we might be undermining our real ministry?
Scripture: Mark 10:13-10:16
Shared: 3/10/2013
Help in how to pray in the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks.
Shared: 9/13/2001
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