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Tim Zingale avatar
Who's Baby is This
Shared by: Tim Zingale on Dec, 2002
Summary: A sermon for the 4th Sunday in Advent Mary receives the angel telling her she will have Jesus
based on 23 ratings
Scripture: Luke 1:26-38
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 1,021
Jon Miller avatar
God’s Favor
Shared by: Jon Miller on Mar, 2011
Summary: This message is part of a series through the book of Ruth. It shows how the events that happened in Ruth’s life were a part of God’s favor and not just happen chance.
Series: Book of Ruth
based on 13 ratings
Scripture: Ruth 2:1-19
Views: 39,985
Jeff Strite avatar
It Was Grace That Taught My Heart To Fear
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Aug, 2008
Summary: Guilt is a terrible task master. Based upon the knowledge of our sins, such guilt can cause many to fear God. But God’s grace deals with both our sin and our fear. How does it do that?
based on 65 ratings
Scripture: Acts 9:1-25
Views: 9,357
DJ Castilleja avatar
Shared by: DJ Castilleja on May, 2008
Summary: Do we know what we are saying when we say "good luck " to someone. Do we really mean it and what does God have to say about it?
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Isaiah 65:11-16
Views: 3,366
Shine Thomas avatar
Are you a debtor?
Shared by: Shine Thomas on Dec, 2009
Summary: Success and failure is a part of life. When we face failure we tend to blame others for it. When successful, our tendency is to take credit for it. Whom do you give credit for the success in your life? As we come to the last Sunday of 2009 we are going to
based on 12 ratings
Scripture: 2 Kings 7:1-10
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 4,204
Ken Ritz avatar
Luck, Favor, and God’s Providence
Shared by: Ken Ritz on Mar, 2016
Summary: Part 2 of series on Ruth How does our concept of luck relate to God's favor and providence?
Jonathan McLeod avatar
God's Hand in Our Luck
Shared by: Jonathan McLeod on Sep, 2009
Summary: Did the events of Ruth 2 happen because of good luck or divine intervention?
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Ruth 2:1-23
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,755
Ken Harris avatar
"The Father's Heart"
Shared by: Ken Harris on Mar, 2010
Summary: The purpose of this sermon is to motivate the hearers to affirm to others that God looks for opportunities to lovingly forgive and rejoice at the return of his happy-go-lucky and wasteful child.
based on 6 ratings
Scripture: Luke 15:15-22
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,463
Robert Joseph avatar
Superstition, Luck, and Halloween
Shared by: Robert Joseph on Oct, 2012
Summary: A warning against mixing the beliefs of the pagan world--like luck and superstition--along with our precious Christian beliefs. Superstition is idolatry!
based on 5 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 4,542
David Henderson avatar
Trust ~ a message for kids
Shared by: David Henderson on May, 2016
Summary: In this message we focus on the topic of "luck" and compare it with trust. Luck can become an idol for children and adults alike.
Scripture: Joshua 24:1-25
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 158
Dennis King avatar
Should luck, fortunate, or chance, be included in a Christian's vocabulary?
Shared by: Dennis King on Jun, 2016
Summary: Should the word(s) luck, fortunate, or chance, be they good or bad, be included in a Christian's vocabulary? Or do the facts that God is all knowing and in sovereign control of our lives and of everything in our world negate their use entirely?
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 9:11
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 371