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Many Christians have never truly worshiped God because they donít know how. Abraham models for us the essence of true, biblical worship.
Denomination: Wesleyan
Shared: 8/24/2002
Davidís dance before the Lord and the people of Israel is a perfect model of true worship of which believers today can enter into.
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: 2 Samuel 6:12-6:19
Tags: David
Shared: 5/3/2002
Itís become fashionable for churches to "target" a specific audience in their messages and ministry. But is that really such a good idea? Is it possible that in targeting specific groups we might be undermining our real ministry?
Scripture: Mark 10:13-10:16
Shared: 3/10/2013
This message looks at Christ as the model for our giving. Christ gave willingly, Joyfully, and Sacrificially. Our problem with giving is forgetting who gave first.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 10/31/2003
Educators say that people learn easily by observation. Here, Jesus models witnessing for us.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: John 4:1-4:42
Shared: 11/17/2006
There are many "model" preachers and sermons in Scripture. Is there anything about "model" hearers?
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 10:33
Tags: Faith
Shared: 1/23/2008
You call Me Teacher and Lord; and you are right, for so I am. If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet, for I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you." John 13:13-15
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: John 13:13-13:15
Shared: 2/18/2013
What comes to your mind when you think of persecution? What are some of the thoughts and images? What are some of the actions and deeds?
Scripture: Exodus 1:1-1:22
Shared: 9/9/2007
The beatitudes describe the model of character to which followers of Jesus Christ may aspire.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: Matthew 5:1-5:12
Shared: 1/27/2010
Using What God Has Given A man from out east had always dreamed of owning a cattle ranch and had finally saved enough money to buy his dream spread in Wyoming. His best friend flew out to visit and asked, ďSo, whatís the name of your ranch?Ē His buddy
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
Shared: 3/26/2003
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