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A fashion supermodel is a woman who looks good, dresses good, and walks good. But God sets before a super models of faith that are more than just pretty faces and are known less for what they wore than for what they did. What can we learn from these model
Scripture: Hebrews 11:32-12:3
Shared: 5/28/2012
The Green decorations of Christmas speak of the promise of life in a season of barren trees and gloomy skies. The birth of Christ also speaks of that promise.
Scripture: Galatians 4:4-4:7
Shared: 12/6/2009
Why is it that we so often choose to learn things the hard way? We often look back and see that it would have been much easier if we had followed what seems so clear to us now. What hinders us from learning and what can we do to learn the things God wan
Scripture: Daniel 4:1-4:37
Shared: 7/8/2012
Learning to say no to the forces of evil is important in living a happy christian life.
Series: none
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Daniel 3:14-3:17
Shared: 7/12/2012
Fireproof Your Faith 1) Let go of your ego 2) Lay hold of your God
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Daniel 3:16-3:28
Shared: 11/3/2009
Part 2 of a series on the prophecies found in the book of Daniel. A look at Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a giant statue.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Daniel 2:31-2:45
Shared: 8/6/2008
Daniel was faithful to God in interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream foretelling his illness in punishment of his arrogance but it ended in the king’s conversion.
Series: Daniel
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Daniel 4:1-4:37
Tags: Daniel
Shared: 10/18/2000
Daniel lived in Babylon in a culture steeped in superstition but by keeping to God’s principles he was able to bring glory to his God which serving Nebuchadnezzar in revealing future events.
Series: Daniel
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Daniel 2:1-2:49
Tags: Daniel
Shared: 10/18/2000
Pride tends to make one see themselves as the center of one’s own universe; as the one who is in control, when in fact, pride holds us prisoner. God’s dealings with Nebuchadnezzar on the issue of pride totally changed his thinking.
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Humility
Shared: 9/21/2003
Drawing on strengths and weaknesses of King Nebuchandezzar to become better Christians
Scripture: Daniel 4:1-4:20
Shared: 10/21/2006