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Part of 60 Sermon "expository" series available at website with Formatted Notes, Handouts, Powerpoint Templates and Presentations.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 7/13/2005
Heaven is: 1. Real 2. Right 3. Relational 4. Rewarding 5. Residence of God
Series: Revelation
Denomination: Methodist
Shared: 3/3/2002
The previous age has passed away & the glories of a new millennia has dawned. The glories of the renewed age will mean that the past is completely forgotten & left behind. It will be a time when God Himself will minister through His people.
Series: Isaiah
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-65:25
Shared: 3/26/2009
How hard is it to throw seed on the ground? What does this parable say to us about what Jesus wants from us in witnessing?
Scripture: Luke 8:4-8:18
Shared: 1/25/2010
We are strangers in this world, on vacation in a foreign land, with advantages the natives of this world don't even begin to understand. But do we realize what those advantages are, and what difference those blessings can mean to our lives?
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:1-1:12
Shared: 1/12/2014
Paul tells me that God’s people "eagerly await" Christ’s return. But why? Why should we be excited and what is it that will make this such a wonderful event for us?
Series: I Predict
Scripture: John 14:1-14:6
Shared: 1/23/2011
A funeral sermon on the hope we have - found in 1 Cor. 15. "A New Body"
Denomination: *Other
Shared: 11/22/2006
Heaven is a city!
Series: Revelations
Denomination: *Other
Tags: Heaven
Shared: 2/17/2004
This just a basic sermon on the description of our final eternal home.
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Heaven
Shared: 2/21/2005