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James defines the difference between real and phony faith.
Scripture: James 1:23-1:27
Shared: 7/20/2006
Jesus prays that the Father will protect us. But how does the God do that? How does God guard us and shield us when we live so exposed to the temptations and lusts of this world?
Shared: 9/15/2013
As Christians we may be traveling on the same "airplane" as the rest of the world. But we have advantages and blessings everyone else does not. We're literally traveling 1st class. But what does that mean and how does that change us?
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:4-2:12
Shared: 1/26/2014
An overview of the five purposes of the church: namely, worship, discipleship, service, evangelism, and fellowship.
Scripture: Acts 2:41-2:47
Shared: 2/12/2008
This study takes a look at the Ten Commandments from a New Testament perspective.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Romans 13:9-13:10
Shared: 2/15/2008
This is the New Testament Version of If Rocks Could Talk if you liked part one you will love Part 2. Ends with the Stone being rolled away
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 19:40
Shared: 8/14/2002
The who, how, and why of Christian baptism.
Tags: Baptism
Shared: 3/11/2003
Part 1 of a series on Old Testament parallels of New Testament salvation. This message compares how Noah’s Ark parallels the saving works of Christ.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Genesis 6:5-6:19
Shared: 10/17/2003
The first sermon detailing how to be successful in completing the New Testament Challenge
Scripture: Hebrews 4:12
Shared: 1/12/2009
To Live before God as a new testament priest there are some qualifications that must be met.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Shared: 7/31/2002