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Like David in the OT, the Christian will face the opposition of Satan, and is called to go out on a limb for God.
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican
Shared: 9/13/2007
Like Zacchaeus, none of us really measures up but Jesus knows what you need—a relationship. He knows your name and sees you not who you are, but who you can become.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 3/27/2003
Joshua dared to be a great leader for God. The crossing of the Jordan teaches very relevant advice on how we can also go out on a limb for Jesus. And there is joy in daring to pursue your call.
Denomination: Methodist
Shared: 12/11/2001
How Zacchaeus’ life was changed by coming face to face with Jesus
Series: face to Face
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:10
Shared: 1/14/2008
When you go out on a limb, Jesus won’t leave you hanging, but you have to let go.
Denomination: Disciples of Christ
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:10
Tags: Salvation
Shared: 11/8/2007
Zacchaeus was not just a "wee little man" he was also a man who went out on a limb to see Jesus. Having done that, he went out on a limb to be generous. What would happen if we went out on a limb and gave out of our generosity?
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:10
Shared: 2/22/2001
One day a guy climbed out on a limb and met Jesus. His life was never the same again.
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:10
Shared: 8/8/2006
When your limb is cut or knocked out from under you, find another one to climb on instead of just stopping or giving up.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Matthew 18:1-18:6
Shared: 10/17/2007
When You desire to see Jesus, you will take all measures to make it happen.
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:10
Shared: 7/11/2009
Lessons from the ministry of Jesus to Zacchaeus.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:10
Shared: 1/20/2006