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Like the father in the parable of the Prodigal Son, God regrets your rebellion but loves you so much he will let you walk out of fellowship with him. But He is also a God who runs to you when you return and restores you when you repent.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 15:11-15:24
Shared: 4/4/2003
This in-depth view of Prodigal Son parable focuses on the elder son and the bitterness and resentment he displayed upon his brotherís return and how we sometimes have the same inflated sense of goodness and faulty understanding of our Fatherís grace.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 4/4/2003
If it hadnít been for his stubbornness we might never have known what the older brother was really like. So letís look at him, & then look at ourselves. "What kind of person am I?"
Scripture: Luke 15:25-15:33
Shared: 7/17/2002
The Church should be the place of celebration.
Denomination: United Methodist
Scripture: Luke 15:1-15:32
Shared: 3/19/2004
Prodigals still exist. These individuals rebel, stepping away from Godís blessings, indulging in reckless living and ruining their lives. But God runs to meet those who are at the point of total desperation and who are willing to repent and return home.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 15:11-15:24
Shared: 4/4/2003
One prominent religious website said the doctrine of Justification was "controversial". Really? Why would that be?
Scripture: Romans 3:22-3:28
Shared: 8/31/2009
What part does God play in our becoming Christians? Is it all our decision, or does God influence us somehow?
Scripture: John 16:7-16:11
Shared: 7/9/2007
Romans 11 lists a "warning" for those who would take their relationship with God for granted. But thereís a tendency to focus more on the "warning" than on the powerfully positive message found in these verses. Do you know what that positive message could
Scripture: Romans 11:1-11:24
Shared: 11/28/2010
Who was the prodigal?
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Luke 15:11-15:32
Shared: 8/23/2006
God never gives up on his children.
Scripture: Luke 15:17-15:24
Shared: 2/14/2006