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In this sermon we are reminded of the fact that God is faithful to his promises and we learn how to receive them.
Scripture: 2 Peter 1:3-1:4
Shared: 9/22/2005
Using Zacchaeus as an example, this sermon shows that no matter what our past, we are lovingly accepted by Jesus Christ as His own. Sermon based upon a sermon by Lee Stroebel.
Denomination: Nazarene
Scripture: Luke 19:1-19:9
Shared: 8/1/2005
Sometimes we just need to stop and realize how much God cares for us and just what he does to supply our every need.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Matthew 6:26-6:29
Shared: 7/30/2003
The focus of this message is the great love of God as illustrated in the life of the Prophet Hosea and his wife Gomer.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Shared: 8/2/2005
James 4 shows 3 things we need to do in order to DRAW NEAR to God: Clean up! Humble down! Behave yourself!
Series: Draw Near #3
Scripture: James 4:7-4:12
Shared: 3/9/2006
In Paul’s initial address in the letter he seeks to establish who he is & what he is about. He is God’s man & everything he is & does revolves around God
Series: Romans
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 1/31/2011
A message for believers & seekers alike, regarding how Jesus stands at the door and knocks. The seeker should feel drawn towards Jesus, and the beliver might feel a little ashamed at how we treat Jesus.
Denomination: Nazarene
Shared: 3/27/2006
Sometimes God’s promises are so amazing they are hard to beleive! Yet God does the amazing.
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Genesis 18:7-18:15
Shared: 10/28/2005
Society promises us wonderful things, but many times only gives us feelings of inadequacy. This is a sermon to remind you that you are important because you are a child of the Most-High God! Text & audio will be placed at - www.sermonlist.com
Denomination: Nazarene
Shared: 11/7/2007
What had Abraham done that made him worthy of one of the greatest promises in Scripture?
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-12:4
Shared: 5/4/2014