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Dev Prasad Cruz avatar
Are We Ready For HIM?
Shared by: Dev Prasad Cruz on Oct, 2013
Summary: “If Jesus is coming down now, Are we ready for Him?!”
Larry Turner avatar
Special Attention and Plenty of Fertilizer
Shared by: Larry Turner on Mar, 2014
Summary: We are commanded to bear fruit but if we do not give our fruit away it will only rot.
Jeremy Poling avatar
Shared by: Jeremy Poling on Jun, 2014
Summary: Jesus comes by our lives and looks for fruit.
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Scripture: Matthew 21:17-22
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,348
Martin Ellgar avatar
Father, Son, & Disciple
Shared by: Martin Ellgar on Dec, 2014
Summary: A perspective on John 15: 1-8. What fruit will the true vine and its branches produce? The fruit that Jesus, the true vine produces is distinctive like no other and is difficult to find in our world.
William R. Nabaza avatar
Word study: Purgeth
Shared by: William R. Nabaza on Apr, 2015
Summary: To show that GOD keeps on cleansing or pruning us for us to be like Him.
Scripture: John 15:2
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 443
Kristen McKeag avatar
What is your joy "tied" to?
Shared by: Kristen McKeag on May, 2015
Summary: We tie our joy to many things, but we need to tie it to Jesus alone!
Scripture: John 15:9-12
Views: 515
Davon Huss avatar
Faithfulness Vs. Fruitfulness
Shared by: Davon Huss on Oct, 2015
Summary: Examinations for times of unfruitfulness (Material adapted from MATT PERMAN at: http://whatsbestnext.com/2011/08/does-god-require-faithfulness-or-fruitfulness/; and Jimmy Larche at: http://www.jimmylarche.com/fruitfulness-abiding-in-christ/)
Ken Ritz avatar
Weather the "Winter"
Shared by: Ken Ritz on Mar, 2016
Summary: Part 2 of a series leading up to Christmas. Sometimes we go through seasons of "Winter" or difficulty. John 15, the vine and branches, talks about our pruning and preparation.
Dennis Lee avatar
Abiding in Christ
Shared by: Dennis Lee on Oct, 2016
Summary: This sermon reveals what it means to abide in Christ and its importance.
Ramil Olalia avatar
Don't just be a Bush be a Tree
Shared by: Ramil Olalia on Oct, 2016
Summary: Many Christians settles at mediocrity of Christians life. Contented with the common activities that common Christians does but I thank God for the few that decided to be more than that. Christians that are decided to go extra mile.
Scripture: Mark 4:31-32
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 333