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God will bring us a harvest, if we will be full of faith and faithfulness in our sowing for His harvest.
Denomination: Church of God
Shared: 7/7/2004
The creation precept built into the very fabric of all creation, both physical & spiritual, is that a person reaps after the same manner & nature that they sow. Every thought, attitude or action has its own reproductive cycle. You reap what you sow.
Series: Galatians
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 11/12/2009
Many religious people - and even Christians - believe in some form of "karma". What's wrong with that? And why should we not accept that view of God?
Scripture: Galatians 6:7-6:10
Shared: 3/8/2015
Did you know that bringing the good out and someone is a harvest.. and bringing a smile to someone's face is a harvest.. Did you know that Complementing someone is a planting a seed and someone feeling good about themselves as a result of it..is a harvest
Scripture: Galatians 6:7-6:10
Shared: 11/19/2014
Examining the difference between sowing to the flesh and sowing to the Spirit.
Series: Galatians
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Galatians 6:7-6:10
Shared: 11/16/2014
Maybe we think we have pulled the wool over God’s eyes, that God doesn’t see what we are doing, or know what is going on inside our hearts & minds. (Powerpoints available - #209.)
Scripture: Galatians 6:7-6:9
Shared: 1/24/2001
We reap what we sow.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Galatians 6:7-6:9
Shared: 3/30/2001
The rules that apply in the garden apply in the soil of your soul as well.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: Galatians 6:7-6:10
Tags: Holiness
Shared: 7/22/2002
Year C. Fifth Sunday after Pentecost. July 8th, 2001 Luke 10: 1-11, 16-20 Title: “Reaping is the easy part.”
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Luke 10:1-10:20
Shared: 6/30/2001