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Missions--It all started...not with The Great Commission...but in God’s heart. Link included to Formatted Text Version, handout, and PowerPoint Presentation.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Mark 16:15
Shared: 9/21/2005
From call girl to convert-This was much more than a rehabilitation. She wasn’t reformed or conformed-she was transformed! An added benefit: she became part of the line of Christ-a Greeeaaat G’ma of the Messiah! Link inc. to formatted text, audio, P’pt.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Joshua 2:1-2:21
Shared: 10/15/2008
Rahab was not the type of person you’d expect God’s warriors to associate with. But there is reason to believe they didn’t seek her out - she sought them.
Series: Women Of God
Scripture: Joshua 2:1-2:21
Shared: 7/13/2002
God’s Word on Marriage - some key lessons for today.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Genesis 2:18-2:25
Shared: 1/25/2009
God has some bitter medicine that can kill or cure the scoundrel in you.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Genesis 38:1-38:30
Shared: 2/18/2009
Alcohol was always the center piece of the partying crowd and the money maker for the club owner. Drugs escalated through the 70’s and 80’s bringing with them some really bad stuff for the serious party goers to get hung on like cocaine, crack, heroin,
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 4/25/2013
Looking at the ’friend questing’ of Facebook, and asking what God says about real friendship.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Proverbs 18:24
Shared: 1/12/2009
Where this only faith there are walls to overcome you can listen www.preaching.co.nr
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: Hebrews 11:31
Tags: Action
Shared: 11/25/2008
Message on God's omniscience connecting red hot media topic (the missing Malaysian airline MH 370) with the ever-edifying Rahab rehab story!!!
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: 2 Chronicles 16:9
Shared: 3/19/2014