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On the day that Jesus died it is noteworthy to see the crowds, the crys, and the crosses on Calvary that day. If you need encouragement dear soul, this message is sure to touch you.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 1/18/2003
We need to have a personal encounter with the risen Jesus.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Scripture: John 20:1-20:29
Shared: 3/20/2008
Part 3 Easter Sunrise Service: This word will inspire every person. This word can be preached at anytime.
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Psalms 144:15
Shared: 3/22/2008
I bring to you today undoubtedly the most unusual Easter message you have heard. I am going to chronicle for you DEATHíS BIOGRAPHY in a message entitled ďThe Day Death Died!Ē
Shared: 2/27/2001
Death is not annihilation...itís separation [unto somewhere else]. íThe Resurrection of the Deadí, and 4 proofs that Jesus rose again, and how that affects manís afterlife. Link included to formatted text and PowerPoint Presentation.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 4/6/2006
Odd things about this story: Why does the Bible tells us "Jesus wept"? And why didnít Jesus "show up" a few days earlier and make sure Lazarus didnít die? Why allow this close personal friend to die, and allow his friends and family to mourn?
Scripture: John 11:1-11:45
Shared: 4/22/2012
Resurrection Day represents one fine day.
Scripture: Matthew 28:1-28:10
Shared: 4/17/2006
An Easter sermon.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 27:57-28:2
Shared: 4/14/2003
Unlike Superman, Jesus came to earth... to die. But there are people who reject Jesus' mission. They refuse to accept the idea that Jesus came to die, to be buried and rise again. Why would they do that?
Scripture: Hebrews 2:9-2:15
Shared: 7/28/2013