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Our Bible Lesson explores two ways of trying to develop a relationship with God. One way is a legalistic way. The other way of having a relationship with God involves faith. It involves basing your right standing with God on the righteousness of Christ i
Series: Romans
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Romans 10:1-10:7
Shared: 4/23/2012
Make up your mind to stand firm on what is right and resist the pressures to be popular or to conform. Pray and draw strength from God to resist pressure to compromise God’s truth.
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: Mark 6:14-6:29
Shared: 6/28/2005
Man, Flesh and Grace! Grace welcomes mankind to come forward and rest in the arms of Jesus Christ. Verse upon verse from the book of Romans.
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Romans 3:19-3:31
Tags: Grace
Shared: 10/15/2008
In a closing litany of exhortations the apostle leads his readers to consider essential Christian attitudes of: 1) submission, 2) humility, 3) trust, 4) self-control, 5) vigilance, 6) fortitude, 7) hope, 8) worship, 9) faithfulness, & 10)Love
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:5-5:14
Shared: 9/16/2007
Part 1 of a two part series, both being topical sermons on the Risen Saviour and his place at the Right Hand of the Father. Active and supporting us in life!
Denomination: Salvation Army
Scripture: Mark 16:19-16:20
Shared: 4/17/2010
Peter called his readers to fortify their testimonies with two crucial aspects of righteous living: 1) a personal, godly discipline that is inward and private, and a 2)personal, godly deportment that is outward and public.
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11-2:12
Tags: Faith
Shared: 5/14/2007
Examines the necessity of directing our worship toward God and no other
Series: Stand In Awe
Scripture: Romans 1:25
Shared: 11/17/2006
With that said... and in order for us to understand how these whom our text describe as “certain men” developed such strong character, fortitude, and perseverance and how they had the ability to stand in the midst of adversity...
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Daniel 3:10-3:15
Shared: 6/13/2013
Sermon talkes about God provides everything we need in life and in right standing with God. He provides the faith we need need for our starting point and gives us his salvation but encourages us to add 8 characteristics
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: 2 Peter 1:1-1:12
Shared: 7/20/2014
How can we help Jesus turn the world right side up? 1. Wake up. 2. Speak up. 3. Join up. 4. Stand up. 5. Look up.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Acts 17:1-17:6
Shared: 10/20/2013