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Jesus said we should love one another. But why bother to tell us to do it? Shouldn't it come naturally to us? Apparently not. So, what do we need to understand in order to obey this command that Jesus gave us?
Shared: 11/17/2013
"Love One Another" is repeated again and again throughout the pages of the New Testament. Why dwell so heavily on this command when it would seem there is so much more to learn about God?
Scripture: 1 John 4:7-4:21
Shared: 11/1/2002
1- We are a chosen people 2- We are a royal priesthood 3- We are a holy nation
Series: I Peter
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-2:10
Shared: 8/15/2009
You have the right to Praise the Lord.
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9
Shared: 6/12/2003
The Big Idea: When God called us out of the darkness of this world, He gave us the responsibility to be light.With this Big Idea in mind, one may be wondering how to fulfill this purpose of lighting a dark world. Just like the Peterˇ¦s 1st Century Christi
Denomination: Brethren
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:4-2:12
Shared: 3/3/2003
We explore the biblical information about Melchizedek and his relatationship to the Christ
Series: Hebrews
Denomination: Brethren
Scripture: Hebrews 7:1-7:10
Shared: 9/13/2004
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines the word "pipeline" as: a direct channel for information - a process or channel of supply! Prayer is the Christian true believer’s pipeline or information highway to and from Almighty God!
Denomination: Church of God
Shared: 11/3/2009
How to overcome prejudice and favoritism with love.
Series: Survivor
Denomination: United Methodist
Tags: Racism
Shared: 2/12/2001
PENTECOST 21, YEAR A - God calls us to the wedding feast of the Lamb. Christians need to learn how to feast.
Denomination: Congregational
Scripture: Matthew 22:1-22:14
Tags: Faith
Shared: 1/7/2001