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What is servant evangelism: It is demonstrating the kindness of God, The Love God, by offering to do some act of humble service, with no strings attached. We never fully know what small act of kindness will touch and transform a life.
Denomination: Anglican
Shared: 6/29/2014
Why would the Wise Men travel so far, at such expense, and over dangerous roads? Jesus wasn't "their" King was He? And what can we learn from how they responded to Jesus wasn't they arrived?
Scripture: Matthew 2:1-2:12
Shared: 12/22/2013
This sermon shows the practical way that Ruth expressed her love to Naomi. 1. She stuck with her. 2. She adjusted to her. 3. She reached beyond her confort zone. 4. She offered encouraging words. 5. She put Naomiís needs above her own.
Denomination: *Other
Scripture: Ruth 1:16-1:17
Shared: 11/2/2006
1- God has chosen the poor to be rich in faith 2- God has given the royal law to be observed 3- God has determined mercy to be triumphant
Series: James
Scripture: James 2:1-2:13
Shared: 1/16/2012
Genesis 29, showing how Jacob is matured in a Godly manner through over 14 years of service to Laban his father-in-law.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Genesis 29:1-29:30
Shared: 12/29/2001
You know youíre supposed to love others - but do you know how?
Series: Teamwork
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 1 Peter 4:8-4:11
Shared: 11/5/2005
How do you respond to those who alsely accuse? How do you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..." This sermon addresses those questions.
Denomination: Free Methodist
Scripture: John 8:1-8:11
Shared: 8/28/2003
Biblical view of marriage, and practical actions on part of husband, and on part of wife, to strengthening their marriage.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 1/30/2008
As dear children, how do we perfect or develop Godís love if we do not know the true sense or meaning of love. This is our task today; to know what is true love, who is love, and why should we develop love in our heart and in our conduct.
Scripture: Ephesians 5:1-5:2
Tags: Children
Shared: 3/26/2003
God designed you to love Him and others, and youíll never be happy with anything less. But how can we show this love effectively to our families and those most important to us? *HANDOUT INCLUDED*
Denomination: Holiness
Scripture: Mark 12:30-12:31
Shared: 2/13/2005