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You only go around once in life, so you've got to grab for all the gusto you can." Some of you may remember that television commercial. But, what exactly is gusto?
Denomination: Anglican
Shared: 5/18/2012
Jesus talks about several things that we need to be aware of before the end comes. 1- There will be worldwide chaos 2- There will be hatred of people 3- There will be false leaders 4- There will be much wickedness 5- There will be much preaching
Scripture: Matthew 24:1-24:14
Shared: 3/5/2007
In these verses Paul is telling them to go to the deep end, to leave behind the “waters of shallow Christianity” to keep doing what they are doing, and to do even more. (1 Thessalonians - pt 4)
Shared: 3/29/2004
Motivational chapel message to inspire the student body, faculty, and staff @ Ozark Christian College to spiritually stretch themselves for Christ’s glory.
Tags: Faith
Shared: 12/19/2001
•Why do we sin? •There is only one reason! •We do not see sin as God sees it
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: Proverbs 16:25
Tags: Character
Shared: 3/27/2002
Short Devotional on Grace and the Music of Faith
Denomination: Anglican
Scripture: John 1:16
Shared: 9/13/2013
What did the angels mean when they asked the disciples "Why do you stand here looking into the sky?" Were they rebuking them for wanting to see Jesus when He came back? Or was there something deeper that they (and we) need to hear?
Scripture: Acts 1:6-1:11
Shared: 12/29/2013
Looks at the coming Day of the Lord and what it is and when it occurs in relationship to the Rapture and how Christians should be living in light of being rescued from this day of wrath.
Shared: 11/1/2009
This sermon talks about what it will take to bring an end to the hostility between an individual and God. God has already done His part.
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Peace
Shared: 1/15/2002
Life is not meant to be understood, any more than God can be fully understood. But for all the days that end in “WHY?”, GOD IS GOOD!
Denomination: Church of God
Scripture: Psalms 22:1-22:2
Tags: Endurance
Shared: 11/5/2007