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Heaven is more popular than Hell - for obvious reasons. But just what does Heaven mean to us? And is Hell really as bad as we
Shared: 10/3/2011
Biblical reasons we don’t go the 2nd Mile and the reasons that we should go the 2nd Mile. Powerpoint at website.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 5:38-5:42
Shared: 2/17/2005
Aaron and Miriam lead a rebellion against Moses’ leadership that incenses God. What did they do wrong, and what can it teach us?
Scripture: Numbers 12:1-12:16
Shared: 3/23/2002
The Second Mile Philosophy is a service that not many Christians apply themselves to today.
Series: none
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 5:38-5:42
Shared: 2/12/2004
Describes the things that were torn at the Resurrection of Jesus.
Denomination: Church of God
Shared: 4/21/2001