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Paulís conflict with Peter serves as a model for dealing with controversy. A look at both the source and soloution to conflict.
Denomination: Assembly of God
Shared: 5/5/2002
God wants you to enjoy relationships of oneness.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 5:23-5:26
Shared: 2/26/2004
As Jeremiah risked everything to buy some apparently worthless real estate in order to give a sign that the Lord would triumph, so I also asked our church to adopt a new but venturesome vision for its life.
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Unity
Shared: 6/23/2003
The one name that can bring unity and harmony in Christendom is the name of Jesus.
Scripture: Acts 11:25-11:26
Shared: 5/6/2007
What can the remnant teach us about how to be a working church? They can teach us three traits of a working church.
Denomination: Baptist
Tags: Unity
Shared: 2/12/2008
To share a lesson of how we are somewhat alike and somewhat different than the bullfrog as Christians.
Denomination: Christian Church
Scripture: Jeremiah 15:16
Shared: 6/30/2014
This sermon focuses the congregation on continued growth and health in the church ... and the absolute need to be in unity and not be divisive.
Denomination: Nazarene
Scripture: James 3:6
Tags: Unity
Shared: 3/9/2007
We are at the end of our fiscal year here at LCC and with that comes new beginnings; new beginnings and new opportunities for each of us in the area of serving
Denomination: Christian Church
Shared: 6/22/2011
Sermon for Super Bowl Sunday. Baptism and Communion are two things Christ meant to unite us. When people are able to look beyond their differences and come together to celebrate these holy sacraments then it is the greatest "Touchdown" in history.
Denomination: United Methodist
Shared: 1/26/2015
What do the words "community", "immunity" and "opportunity" have in common? This sermon was preached at a combined English/Hispanic service in English and Spanish and emphasized the unity we have in Christ.
Scripture: Ephesians 4:2-4:6
Shared: 11/23/2014