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In this teaching Im going to give you 10 key principles of bi-vocational time management. These principles will help you make it through what might otherwise seem like an overwhelming situation.
Scripture: Romans 14:10-14:13
Shared: 11/13/2007
Election is one of the thorniest, controversial issues among biblical Christians. The 2 main views are Calvinism and Arminianism. But are these the only alternatives? This sermon examines the Corporate-Vocational View of Election.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Ephesians 1:4-1:5
Shared: 2/6/2012
One of our problems in life is that we divide everything into the sacred and secular. We are great at compartmentalizing things: over here is the secular, and over there is the sacred. The reality is that we spend the majority of our hours every day in th
Series: Missionary
Denomination: Methodist
Scripture: Luke 5:1-5:11
Shared: 10/20/2010