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It is easy to be tired of church if church does not connect with integrity, compassion, or fundamental life change. But you will not grow weary if you will work for the good of all.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 1:12-1:18
Shared: 7/4/2004
We find rest in the Lord.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 7/12/2001
Sometimes we can do all the right things as Christians and still be at the end of our rope. In this sermon I will encourage both believers and unbelievers to seek rest in Christ.
Denomination: Orthodox
Shared: 8/9/2004
This lesson explores the reasons Christians grow weary in well doing and offers suggestions on overcoming that weariness.
Shared: 7/30/2006
This sermon shows us how to find rest for our weary souls. The old saying says that there is no rest for the weary, but David shows us that this saying is not true.
Denomination: Wesleyan
Scripture: Psalms 62:5-62:12
Tags: Endurance
Shared: 1/23/2003
The Bible teaches that man can weary God with his words. Here are some of the various instances when our words weary God.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Malachi 2:17
Shared: 8/18/2003
We're strangers in this world and we will encounter difficulty. What has God supplied to help us survive the struggles and sufferings and persecutions we may encounter here?
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:1-5:11
Shared: 3/16/2014
In an attempt to give meaning to our lives, we "thrash" -- do something impulsive that has to be acknowledged as sin and has inescapable consequences. But as we confess our sin God "threshes" us, dividing the positive from the negative, so that we recove
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 10/22/2003
When spiritual exhaustion strikes, we fail to pray. It means that we have not dealt with our control issues, and we compromise principle to save ourselves. But God will give us a sign of His presence, even when we do not ask.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Isaiah 7:1-7:14
Shared: 7/5/2004