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Greg Irby avatar
Addicted Themselves To The Ministry
Shared by: Greg Irby on Oct, 2000
Summary: Imagine for a moment if all who were in a Bible believing church would become addicted to the ministry, what would happen.
based on 27 ratings
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 16:15
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,462
David  Yarbrough avatar
Worship: Drawing Close To The Heart of God
Shared by: David Yarbrough on May, 2002
Summary: What we do in one hour of corporate worship each week is to be a reflection of what we as individuals are doing the other 167 hours a week. In fact, God despises corporate worship if the worshipers have hearts that are not right with Him.
based on 117 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 12,905
Jehu Hernandez avatar
David's Worship
Shared by: Jehu Hernandez on Jan, 2001
Summary: David practiced a true, biblical worship of God because he was passionate about God.
based on 294 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 42:1-2
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Views: 16,320
Robert Higgins avatar
Hungering For God
Shared by: Robert Higgins on Sep, 2007
Summary: Why is worship supposed to be an encounter with God and not just going through the motions? How can you better encounter God each time you gather corporately as a church? The answer is in your appetite!
based on 11 ratings
Scripture: John 4:23-24
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 3,035
Robert Higgins avatar
Pressing into His Presence
Shared by: Robert Higgins on Sep, 2007
Summary: Worship is not merely a response to God, but it is also the pursuit of God. God pursues us, and yet for some odd reason, He seems to be just beyond our grasp when we seek Him. The pressing into His Presence is the choice of our will to worship Him.
based on 17 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 63:1
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 13,020
Robert Higgins avatar
The Power of Praise
Shared by: Robert Higgins on Sep, 2007
Summary: Praise is making much of what God has done, and isn’t always done with the heart. But worship is about who God is, and cannot be done without the heart.
based on 13 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 8,109
Craig Benner avatar
Comprometido a ser Renovado
Shared by: Craig Benner on Sep, 2007
Summary: Unos puntos para saber lo que cuesta para ser un hombre de compromiso.
based on 3 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 669
Danny Williams avatar
Exploring the Power of Praise
Shared by: Danny Williams on Oct, 2006
Summary: Looking at Praise
Series: Praise
based on 11 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 150:1-6
Views: 4,708
Danny Williams avatar
Defining the Puropse of Praise
Shared by: Danny Williams on Oct, 2006
Summary: what is praise?
Series: Praise
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Psalms 103:1-5
Views: 744
Michael McCartney avatar
"Proper Worship' 1 Cor. 11 pt. 11
Shared by: Michael McCartney on Sep, 2008
Summary: Proper procedures in worship do make a difference so we need to evaluate where our hearts and heads are as we worship the Lord.
based on 1 rating
Views: 1,005
Tim Smith avatar
Sing a New Song
Shared by: Tim Smith on Sep, 2008
Summary: This is a call to move from traditional worship focusing on the Builder Generation to Multi-ethnic worship. Can also be used to explain the differences in worshop preferences between generations and moving to contemporary worship
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 96:1-13
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 1,108
Gary Stebbins avatar
Sacrifice and Blessing of Worship
Shared by: Gary Stebbins on Apr, 2008
Summary: What is worship? This sermon looks at four aspects of worship and how it affects the human heart (thoughts taken from "How God Evaluates Worship" by Jack Hayford).
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: John 4:24
Denomination: Charismatic
Views: 545
Jim Drake avatar
The Pattern of Worship, Part 2: Truthful Worship
Shared by: Jim Drake on Feb, 2009
Summary: True worshippers worship God in spirit and in truth. Last time we focused on what it means to worship God in spirit. Today we’re going to look at what it means to worship God in truth. Even though we’re looking at them separately, it’s not just about one
based on 14 ratings
Scripture: John 4:21-24
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 996
Jim Drake avatar
The Pattern of Worship, Part 3: Real Worship
Shared by: Jim Drake on Feb, 2009
Summary: God is not to be worshipped by turning the church into a carnival. Neither is He to be worshipped by allowing the church to become a crematorium. The only way to avoid that is to worship the way that Jesus tells us to in this passage. He tells us how to w
based on 6 ratings
Scripture: John 4:21-26
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 895
Mel  Shepherd avatar
The Notes of Worship
Shared by: Mel Shepherd on Feb, 2003
Summary: Two words, “Amen, and Hallelujah” have four notes of harmony, which bought victory to these Christians faith
based on 60 ratings
Scripture: Revelation 19:1-6
Views: 2,437
Joel Vicente avatar
Shared by: Joel Vicente on Dec, 2003
Summary: How do we measure our life’s worth? Why worry?
based on 27 ratings
Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 975
Saeed Richardson avatar
Worship is not ...
Shared by: Saeed Richardson on Aug, 2004
Summary: In looking into the reality of spiritual authenticity of worship, walk, and witness, this sermon looks into the first part of worship "is not".
based on 12 ratings
Scripture: John 4:19-24
Views: 2,219
Pat Cook avatar
What Makes God's Face Shine?
Shared by: Pat Cook on Aug, 2004
Summary: The outline of one of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life devotionals.
based on 21 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,098
Bruce Ball avatar
Praise & Worship
Shared by: Bruce Ball on Sep, 2004
Summary: Many Christians do not fully understand what proper praise and worship are, and they do not realize the utmost importance of praise and worship. This sermon will cast light upon what real praise and worship are, what it means and how it benefits us and G
based on 46 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 73:27-28
Denomination: *other
Views: 976
Wesley Bishop avatar
Reasonable Service
Shared by: Wesley Bishop on Nov, 2004
Summary: This series is based on A. M. Hills book "Holiness in the Book of Romans."
based on 39 ratings
Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 3,244
Thomas Bowen avatar
Havin' Church
Shared by: Thomas Bowen on Nov, 2004
Summary: Corporate worship is up to you. We must not harden your hearts. Worship is the sharing of joy and the humbleness of our place.
based on 11 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 95:1-11
Denomination: Methodist
Views: 442
Jimmy Stewart avatar
Shared by: Jimmy Stewart on Nov, 2004
Summary: We need to figure out what the Bible declares is true worship, and start presenting THAT to God!
based on 5 ratings
Scripture: John 4:19-24
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 313
Ewen Huffman avatar
Gifts of the Sprit 12: All Involved Worship
Shared by: Ewen Huffman on Nov, 2004
Summary: There is an early pattern for communal worship shown in this passage. It is quite different to how we do it, today, and really involves, equips and builds the body of Christ!
based on 26 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 978
Jeff Strite avatar
Purpose Driven Worship - Purpose Driven Life
Shared by: Jeff Strite on Nov, 2004
Summary: Most of us think we have worshiped when we have felt the music has been uplifting and the sermon challenging... but Scripture seems to say something else. What do you think God believes is the mark of true worship?
based on 78 ratings
Scripture: Romans 12:1-8
Views: 6,374
Paul Decker avatar
Do You See Him as He Is?
Shared by: Paul Decker on Sep, 2005
Summary: God is worthy to be praised.
based on 8 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 96:1-6
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,938
Wesley Bishop avatar
What Is Worship?
Shared by: Wesley Bishop on Mar, 2004
Summary: This is a basic definition of worship.
based on 401 ratings
Scripture: John 4:19-23
Denomination: Wesleyan
Views: 13,124
Naveen Balakrishnan avatar
The Priority of Worship
Shared by: Naveen Balakrishnan on Mar, 2004
Summary: We begin looking at the priority of worship when it comes to an Audience of One.
based on 16 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 774
Paul Decker avatar
A Passionate Pursuit of God
Shared by: Paul Decker on Jan, 2005
Summary: We are to passionately pursue God.
based on 61 ratings
Scripture: Psalms 100:1-5
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 5,539
Steve McFarland avatar
The Focus of Worship
Shared by: Steve McFarland on Jan, 2005
Summary: Part 1 of this 4-part sermon series on worship seeks to encourage every believer to uderstand the importance of worship by defining The Focus of Worship.
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 322
Steve McFarland avatar
The Key of Worship
Shared by: Steve McFarland on Jan, 2005
Summary: Part 2 of this 4-part sermon series on worship defines the Key element needed for effective worship.
based on 3 ratings
Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 210