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This message contains two brief devotionals presented during two "Youth Sunday" services. It is important for young people to receive Christ, and begin to serve Jesus, while still in the days of their youth.
Denomination: Baptist
Shared: 2/17/2012
What are the consequences of sin and why do people need forgiveness by the blood of Jesus Christ? Can the gospel overcome guilt, fear, alienation, and eternal punishment? Does it offer salvation, joy, hope, and eternal life? Have you investigated the Bi
Denomination: Bible Church
Scripture: Romans 5:6-5:10
Shared: 5/8/2006
Teen Youth Group Study - What is Salvation?
Denomination: Bible Church
Scripture: Acts 16:31
Shared: 5/8/2006
Isa 40:27 “¿Por qué dices, oh Jacob, y hablas tú, Israel: Mi camino es escondido de Jehová, y de mi Dios pasó mi juicio?” Nos recuerda el pasaje Bíblico de la ocasión cuando Jesús se “perdió”. Sabemos que en realidad no se había perdido sino que esta
Denomination: Apostolic
Scripture: Isaiah 40:27
Shared: 7/15/2009
Awesome message on the Hunger Games.
Series: Hunger Games
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:21
Shared: 10/24/2012
Teaching Christian values without bringing our children to faith in the Risen Son of God, condemns them to eternal death. The Pharisees stand as a beacon warning Christians not to succumb to the lure of presenting Christian values.
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Matthew 23:1-23:15
Shared: 6/15/2014