Title: Life Basic Training # 2 ..Moses -- The Making Of A Servant
Text: Acts 7
Intro: Last week we began a series of messages that deals with our values.
Values - is the lifestyle by which we truly live our lives by. For what we live is what
we truly value.
-- Last week we looked at the values of the 12 disciples and how they where in total
contrast to Jesusí values.
- The disciplesí values said they followed Jesus to be great in the land - to rule and
to reign in His physical kingdom He would establish when He overthrew the
- Jesusí values said to lead, to be first, to be great among people -- is to be a
- Biblical Leaders in the body of Christ are servants to the body.
Last week we learned the way we lead people is to serve people at Life Church!
- Willing to wash the feet of your brothers and sisters.
- For in serving, God will use you to influence others.
- Biblical Leaders are submitted, they serve, and they influence others through their
servants life.
-- Why are we to be the servants of the Lord? What is Godís great plan for us?
- Life has no greater meaning and purpose - than to be involved with Godís plan.
- Life -- is lived fullest when we set our value system to be involved in serving Him.
-- We do not like to here about servanthood, especially we in America, we are
taught that we must be in control of our own destiny, we must be the king over
our own kingdom.
- Success is defined with power, and money.
- Godís model for Servanthood -- does not fit into the mold of the American
-- The role of a leader in the body of Christ -- is to be a servant. My role as the
pastor of this church, the role of the LifeCell Leader of this church -- is a servants
role to serve this church.
- The role of a Believer in the body is the role of a servant.
- Jesus said in Mark 10:45,
"ÖI did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give my life as a
ransom for many"
- Jesus is the greatest leader of all times -- He is the greatest servant leader of all
- His value system is to be a servant
- Life has its fullest meaning -- when the Believer learns to serve.
Illus. 0 -- The word servant does not have to have negative connotations. Servanthood
brings life joy. Remember back when you took that family a Turkey dinner,
when they would have had can soup if you would not have. Remember when
you saw that person who needed your help and you help - then and how good it
felt to serve them. Remember back when you serve someone, just because you
loved them. Your life was filled with joy. Why? Because in serving, you fulfill
the Will of God.
- Jesus came to serve.
- Life has its fullest meaning -- when you learn to serve.
Illus. 0 - Last week I spoke of a pastor who wanted to get rid of a local drug dealer in town
who drove a Yellow Cadillac.