Title: Serving Godís purpose in our generation (Part 2)

Text: Acts 13:36, 1 Samuel 16, 17:34-37


David served Godís purpose in his generation.
Many of you came out to the altar indicating that you too want to serve Godís purpose in this time and hour.
Today we will examine Davidís life and see what is it in his life that enables him to serve Godís purpose in his lifetime.
I will show you 5 characteristics of his life, which enables David as a youth to fulfil Godís purpose in his generation.

In order to serve Godís purpose we must have:

1. A Heart that pleases God. (16:7)
Our destiny is not dictated by how clever or smart we are. By the number of degrees we have. David was a shepherd boy and during that time being a shepherd is a lowly job and despised by others. However our destiny is dictated by the condition of our heart.
- A heart that loves God and willing to obey him.
- A heart that is pure.
- A heart that is broken and contrite.
- A heart that bears fruit.

2. A life empowered by the Spirit. (16:13)
Godís purpose can never be fulfill through our frail human strength.
Samuel anointed David with oil and from that moment on the power of the Spirit was upon him.
That is why in the OT whenever someone is set apart to be use by God, he must first be anointed by oil which symbolizes the empowerment of the Spirit.
The NT empowerment comes through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

3. Understand our authority. (16:23)
David understood the authority that God has given to him as a believer of God. That is why when the evil spirit came upon Saul he was able to cast it out. He understanding of authority is shown with his battle with Goliath.
When we desires to fulfil Godís purpose it is inevitable that the enemy will start attacking us and that is why we need to understand our authority.

When obstacles come do you give in or exercise your God given authority?

4. Gone through preparation. (17:34-37)
Many people like the glamour of being mightily used by God. But few would like to go through serious preparation for the purposes of God in our lives. David was a prepared vessel for his meeting of Goliath. God has prepared him in the background with his battle of the bear and lion. David may have wondered why is he tending sheeps, such a mundane task, but God has a purpose. In his later years, he had to run for his life another preparation God put him through so that he may become the best king that Israel ever had.

5. Ready for Action.
When David saw Goliath, he was ready for action. We must be ready to fulfil Godís purpose any time and any moment.
Be ready to share the gospel when the Holy Spirit impress your heart to do so.
Be ready to pray when prompted by the Spirit.