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Set your House in Order,for thou shall shurley die. A look into the Heart of man and God. The Bible tells us that mans wisdom is foolishness to God. That there is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to destruction. This warning came to King Hezekiah, in Isaiah 38:1, what is God telling us today, that our houses arnt in order? There is much in scripture concerning the House of God and of man.But before we concider this, lets look at the three parts of man himself. 1.The soul, the soul is the part of the man that thinks and reasons and plans. Its the mind that Satan wants to controll and once he controlls your mind then he has it all. Our mind controlls the speech and recoginition of good and evil. 2. The Flesh, the flesh is the physical part of man, which wants only that which is good for itself, lust and pleasure and anything that feels good.The flesh and mind work well together, what the mind says the flesh followes after. 3.The Spirit, the spirit is what makes us who we are, it seperates us from all other beings and animals. The scripture tells us that there is one thing that man and animal have in common, that is a spirit. It goes on to say that when a man and animal die that the spirit of the animal goes back into the ground from which it came and the spirit of man goes up to judgement. There are many different interpretations of scripture, lets look at one. 1st Timothy 3:5, for if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the Church of God? We can look at this the way many look at it, the home that a man lives in or we can look at this spiritually in this manner. If we as christians cant rule our spiritual house. We saw a minute ago that there are three parts to man, the flesh, soul and spirit, which do you suppose is suposed to rule the other two? The spirit, the spirit must take dominion over the other two. This is what makes us christians and seperates us from the world. We hafe to look at the ordances of God and determin the right path to take. The Bible states that, Judgement begins at the House of God. The Church. Our house is supposed to be the temple of the Holy Ghost, but how many people are being decieved in changeing their pattern of life because of false doctrine? The house that we are inside must be clean and acceptible to God as a Holy sacrifice. We are told that we must offer up our bodys as a liveing sacrifice to God which is our reasonable service to God. Why? Because we are the house of God. A stone ,a pillar, a piece of the temple. We are lively stones which should
Anthony Brown of Faith Walkers Community Church
June 26, 2016
,Great Words!