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Seven key principles of New Testament evangelism.


Sermon shared by Andrew Chan

June 2001
Summary: Study of principles of evangelism developed by Gene Getz.
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Audience: Believer adults
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Seven key principles for of NT evangelism.

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
- New King James Version.

Clear from Scripture: that first disciples were recruited to evangelize. So are we but how?

Developed from Gene Getz. (1984). "Sharpening the Focus of the Church." Wheaton Ill.: Victor.
Dr. Getz is a full-time pastor since 1973. He left full-time teaching at seminary to be a pastor and sees himself as a church planter at the grassroots level. He has lots to teach us about evangelism... let’s look at what he has developed as he helps and equips us in looking through the Word.

Every local body of believers is responsible to saturate its community with love and to demonstrate a unity and oneness that provide the basis for verbal communication; to demonstrate a Christian lifestyle in all human relationships, so as to create a basis on which to discuss the life-changing Christ. Getz (p.70) noted that “when Jesus Christ was on earth, people saw and heard Him. His miracles and lifestyle became the means by which people could evaluate His claims (John 20:20-31). But when He returned to heaven , His body, the church, became the visible means by which people could evaluate the message of Christ. (Read again John 13:13-35; 17:19-23.)”

How do you apply this principle?

Do we create warm loving atmosphere when church gets together like a “large, comfortable living room” or we communicate indifference?

Could we perhaps form “hospitality team” - trained and encouraged to meet new people?

Corporate evangelism is basic to personal evangelism.
Other good resources - Building a Contagious Church by Mark Mittleberg, Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren, The Body by Charles Colson, The Habits of Highly Effective Churches by George Barna.

Getz (p.71) wrote that in the NT, “the functioning body of Christ set the stage for individual witness.
This is why Jesus said, ‘Love one another’ so that ‘all men will know that you are My disciples’ (John 13:34)… and why Peter exhorted believers to keep their ‘behavior excellent among the Gentiles’ (1 Peter
2:12)… It is difficult to witness in isolation… God’s general plan is that community evangelism be carried out in the context of dynamic Christianity and vigorous ‘body life.’ ” Then all the church will be
involved together in “drawing the net” for Christ. This, Getz suggested, prevents glamorizing the
extroverted individual as the “most spiritual.”This removes lone-ranger mentality or appraoch to evangelism. The local church can make a powerful impact on a pagan community this way.
"I know from experience how hard it is to do effective evangelism outside the context of a contagious church" - Mark Mittleberg
Sometimes, it seems easier to lead folks to Christ than to get them to church, as noted by Mittleberg.

How do you apply this principle?

a) “most traditional forms do not provide the best opportunities” because as church grows “body life”
becomes difficult to maintain.
“unsaved people who need to see the body functioning in love and unity will not enter a church building. However many will come to a meeting in a home.”

When possible, presenting the Gospel to the unsaved is to take place
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