Jesus told him, “Follow me.”

Wow, and even more wow was that Peter continued to follow. Now Peter would never have gotten to the position of leader of the early church if he had of disobeyed at any of those points.

How many people have heard of the Peter Principle? It was developed by Laurence Johnston Peter and basically says “An employee within an organization will advance to his or her level of incompetence and remain there.”
Which means of course that you go into the school system as a supply teacher and you do a pretty good job at that so they make you a teacher and you do a great job at that, so you become a vice-principle and you excel at that, and they make you a principle and you really stink as a principle, and there you stay. By the way that example was used because I had to use an example and for no other reason so if you are a teacher or a principle take a deep breath and relax ok?

I have developed the Guptill Principle of Christian Growth that says that “Every believer will continue to grow in their Christian walk to their own personal level of disobedience” You know what happens you become a Christian and you are so excited and as the Holy Spirit leads in your life you are so willing to obey God. And then you come to an area that you are either unwilling or you think you are unable to obey and you go into rebellion. And your Christian growth stops. Plateaus, and there you remain bitter, unhappy and miserable. You’re not a good saint because you’re being disobedient, but you’re not a good sinner cause you know better. So there you are. Three options, the first is that you stay there and stay miserable and make everyone around you miserable, the second is that you regress and become disobedient in those other areas of your life that you once were victorious over until you walk away from Christ. Or here’s what God’s hoping will happen, you surrender that area of your life and begin to grow again. And the choice is up to you.

So where you at, what boat are you sailing on today. I hope you’re all on the ship of redemption. But I doubt it. But you can be.

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