TEXT: Ephesians 6:15; Philippians 4:7

The Roman soldier’s shoes were not an ordinary kind of shoes. They were made out of bronze or brass—usually brass—and the shoes were primarily composed of two parts: (1) the greave, and (2) the shoe itself. These shoes were exceptionally dangerous to any foe.

The greave was a piece of beautifully tooled metal that began at the top of the knee and extended down past the lower leg, finally resting on the upper portion of the foot. This tube like piece of metal caused the Roman soldier’s shoes to look like boots that were made of brass!

The shoe itself was made of two pieces of metal. On the top and bottom, the foot was covered with fine pieces of brass. The sides of the shoe were held together by multiple pieces of durable leather. On the bottom, these shoes were affixed with extremely dangerous spikes—spikes that were one to three inches long. If you were involved in active combat, your spikes could be close to three inches long. These were killer shoes!

According to Paul, “peace” is an awesome weapon; it is a defensive and offensive weapon. Peace will not only protect you; peace is also a brutal weapon, which when used correctly, keeps spiritual foes where they belong—under your feet!

The word “shod” conveys the idea of “binding something very tightly on the bottom of one’s feet.” This is not the picture of a loosely fitting shoe; this is the picture of a shoe that has been tied onto the bottom of the foot extremely tightly.

Paul uses this same word to tell us we must firmly tie “peace” onto our lives. If we only give “peace” a loosely fitting position in our lives, then the affairs of life will knock our peace out of place. We must “bind” peace upon our minds, and upon our emotions, in the same way that the Roman soldiers made sure to “bind” their shoes very tightly onto their feet.

When peace has this firm grip in our lives, then we are ready for action! The word “preparation” portrayed men of war who had their shoes tied on very tightly, and hence, they had a “firm footing.” With the assurance that their shoes were going to stay in place, now they were ready to march out into the battlefield and confront the enemy.

Therefore, the word “preparation” conveys the idea of “solidity, firmness, or a solid foundation.” Paul is clearly telling us that when “peace” is foundational in our lives, we have a “firm footing.”

This “peace” gives us a foundation so secure that we can move out in confident faith, without being moved by what we see or what we hear. This aggressive peace puts us in a position to look directly into the face of the adversary, or directly into the face of a challenge, without being moved by what we see, feel, or what we hear.
The word “peace” conveys the idea of a “peace that prevails or a conquering peace.” It means “blessings & prosperity in every area of your life.”

God’s perfect plan is that this prevailing and conquering peace
William J. Bagley
September 10, 2014
Your sermon is not really yours- it is almost verbatim from the book, "Dressed To Kill" by Rick Renner. you really should not pass this off as if it is your sermon- that is plagiarism. Ask God to give YOU a message from the Word rather than quoting (without attribution) from Rick's word from the Word.
Dale Brown
January 15, 2015
Good catch. I wonder how much plagiarism goes on. Too much, I suspect. I've always appreciated this resource, but only for study and thought provocation.
Jerry Burgess
August 6, 2015
Brothers, it?s not about credit, but the message of God. Let us share freely the inspirations from the Word and each other. Let us get neither offended nor defensive about the source. Give God the glory and lay up for ourselves treasures in Heaven.
I learned more about Roman footwear and how it relates to peace from this sermon than I have learned ever before in my studies.