And then it was all over, and everything went back to the way it was, almost like it had never even happened. Why did Jesus do this? He was strengthening the faith of those three disciples. Very soon, Peter, James, and John would watch Jesus suffer and die. Very soon, the light of the world would be hidden by the darkness of sin and evil and death on Good Friday. Jesus saw this coming, and he loved his disciples. And so he put this image into their heads and into their hearts – he gave them a taste of heaven - so that they would know and believe that he really was the Son of God.

But what about us? Lord, show us your glory. Aren’t there times when you need a boost in your faith? I know that Jesus promises to be with me always, but sometimes I feel like I’m all alone in this world. I know that Jesus is in control of all things – in control of my life, in control of the whole world. But when I look at how much of a mess the world is in, when I look at my own messy life, I sometimes forget that Jesus is in control. I sometimes doubt it. Lord, show me your glory! Let me see your light!

And what about all the times I have sinned? I know that Jesus says he forgives me and that he purifies me. But look at all of my sins! I have not loved God above all other things. I have not loved others in the way that Jesus has loved me. Have you ever thought about all the times you’ve fallen short as a husband or a wife? As a father or a mother? As a son or a daughter? Have you been perfect? Just think of all the times you didn’t put forth your best at work? Why didn’t you pray more this week? Why didn’t you read the Bible more this week? What is wrong with you? Have you ever pondered your sins? Sometimes it is hard to believe that God really forgives me and loves me when I think of my sins. Lord, show me your glory!

Where does Jesus do this? Where is the mountain I can climb, where I can get a taste of heaven? The Apostle Paul once said, “We live by faith, and not by sight.” God isn’t going to dazzle our eyes with the holy light of heaven, like he did back then. God isn’t going to dazzle our ears today with his booming voice from the sky, like he did back then. Today we live by faith, and not by sight.

And so where can I go to make my faith stronger? Where I can find Jesus today? There is a place. That place is the Word. And that place is the Sacrament. There is my taste of heaven.

Do you have a hard time believing that God really forgives you and loves you? Then come to the Lord’s Table. Hear those words, where Jesus says to you that he gave his body for you and shed his blood for you. Come here, Jesus says, and I will forgive you. Here Jesus takes away your doubts. He strengthens your faith. I do love you, he says. Take and eat. Take and drink. This is my body and blood given for you and shed for you.

Do you feel