Shrewd as Snakes & Innocent as Doves?
Matthew 10:11-16
January 22, 2006


How many people here are "snake" people? I mean, you like snakes, you can hold them, and youíre not freaked out by them?

My dadís great with snakes - even rattlesnakes. When I was about Nobleís age, my dad was the Scoutmaster of my Boy Scout troop in Eagle Butte.

For some reason, we got connected with a troop from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and they decided to come out to the reservation and experience life camping on the rez.

During the few days we were out there, the guy who owned the ranch brought out some horses for people to ride. And during one of the rides, one of the Scouts spotted a rattlesnake.

So all of a sudden, about 30 Boy Scouts armed with big sticks, shovels, and axes were on the hunt.

My dad led the way, and wouldnít you know, he found it. So heís digging away in the ground to get this bugger, because he wants to make sure it doesnít make it to camp.

As soon as the snake is out of the ground, my dad grabs a forked stick and pins it to the ground, just like a professional snake wrangler.

He then grabs the snake, and starts walking to the river bank, with all of us in awe, but especially these rich boys from the east.

For a while, my dad was the man as far as we were concerned.

Anyway, we get to the river bank and Dad throws this snake on the ground and starts talking about how to recognize rattlesnakes.

Heís poking it with a stick to keep it away from us, and all the while saying, "Donít poke them with sticks like this..."

Well then that snake had had enough and started slithering away. Toward the women. About 9,000 shovels and sticks rained down on that snake and it was dead in a matter of seconds.

We found a couple more that day, and ate them that night. And yes, they do taste like chicken.

Iím okay with snakes, for the most part. I donít go looking for them, but they generally donít cause me to panic like spiders do...

But let me ask you something: When you think of snakes do you think of much along the lines of positive attributes?

Hereís what I mean by that: when we say someoneís a snake, is that a compliment? Nope. Itís an insult, right?

But believe it or not, snakes have some redeeming qualities, and Iím not just talking about the fact that theyíre all warm and cuddly, offering unconditional love like puppies do.

Well, weíre continuing to work through the gospel of Matthew, and weíre in the middle of a section where Jesus is sending out the Twelve apostles, for a bit of on-the-job training as missionaries.

Heís giving them a bunch of instructions as they get ready to experience for themselves the ministry of taking the good news of Jesus to others.

In the first few verses of this chapter, he basically told them what to take and who to go to, and now he talks about how to go, and discusses how they should interact with the people theyíll be encountering.