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Sight and Vision


Sermon shared by Martin Odom

January 2002
Summary: Vision is the key to accessing the invisible spiritual supplies that God provides to sustain us through difficult times.
Denomination: Methodist
Audience: General adults
Sight and Vision

2 King 6:12-17

Not long ago my wife made me go to the doctor. The married men know what I am talking about when I say that she made me go to the doctor. I was just going for a check up, but you know that there are some parts of that check up that I find particularly unpleasant. I have never been fond of the prostate exam. ---I am talking to the men. ------Fortunately I am not quite old enough yet where I need to start having that exam annually, and the doctor agreed that I probably didnít need one that day. I thank the Lord for small favors.

I was also going because I had been having some trouble with one of my eyes. Given my family history I thought it would be good to have it checked out. Our sight is one of those things that we can easily take for granted, until it begins to be a problem. One of the greatest creations God made is the eye. The ability to see and to differentiate and distinguish between colors, and shapes and sizes and faces and places and all of the wonder of Godís creations is an absolute miracle.

But you know church, there is the ability to see and then there is the ability to see. Let me see if I can make it clearer. There is sight and then there is sight. Are we together? Let me go one step further, there is sight and then there is vision. And sight and vision can be two completely different things.
This week I preach a follow up sermon to my sermon last week The High Cost of Vision. In that sermon we explored the fact that vision costs, but no vision costs more because where there is no vision the people perish. I want to tell you today that there are some places and some situations where there is no vision. Many people have sight that do not have vision. It is also possible to have absolutely no sight but to be a person of great vision. ------Iíll prove it in just a minute.

Sight is the ability to see what is in front of us. Sight is the ability to look at the situation and say this is what I see. Vision, is the ability to look at the situation and see what is not there but what can and will be. There is a difference between having sight and having vision. Sight will make you see what is, but vision will make you see what will be there. Sight will make you see what is happening, but vision will make you see what is going to happen. Sight sees the predicament, but vision sees the potential. Sight sees the present, but vision, sees the promise of God. If you donít believe me then ask Ray Charles, who did not have sight but who had a vision for his life. If you donít believe me then ask Stevie Wonder who lacking, sight still had a vision for his life. We can have all the sight in the world, if we donít have vision we are in serious trouble.

This was the case with the assistant to Elisha the prophet. He had sight but he did not have vision. The king of Syria was upset because some one had been telling the king of Israel that he was going to attack him. How many people know that God will send people into your life to warn you when you are about to come under the devilís attacks? The problem most of us have is that we donít like listening to warnings. We think to ourselves, nobody who looks that good could be trouble. We think to ourselves nobody who can talk like that smells, like that or has legs like that can end up being our demise. Unlike
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