Sin –Missing the Mark
Throwing Balls into Bin
• Have the kids start close so they can’t miss and have them take turns throwing a tennis ball into a rubbish bin
• Have them step back a couple of steps and repeat the process
• as they successfully hit the target, say, “You hit the target”
• If they miss, say, “You missed, you sinned!”
• Keep moving them back until nearly all miss
Ask the Question, What is “Sin”?
• Hopefully by now they know it means missing the target
What is the Target God wants us to hit?
• Obeying him - doing what God wants us to do
• Pleasing God
• Have them write on a white board the behaviors God would like us to do
• Okay, so these are the things God would like us to do and when we do it means we are hitting God’s target
As we just learned, missing the target is called “Sin”
• What are some of the things God doesn’t want us to do, things we do that disappoint him?
• Again have them write their answers on the board
So if this group are all called “sin”, what should we call this first group?
• “Love”
• so doing these things are “sinning behaviors”, and these are “loving behaviors”
Do we always hit God’s target of “love” every time in our life?
• “no, of course not”
The more we sin, the further we move away from God
• and you saw the further we get away from God, the harder it is to hit the target
• the Bible tells us our sins separate us from God
• Isaiah 59:2 But there is a problem—your sins have cut you off from God. Because of your sin, he has turned away and will not listen anymore.
• So God is up here and we’re down here separated by our sins
So how can we get back closer to God?
• Ask Him to forgive us
How do we do that?
• We pray to him and ask him to forgive our sins
• Every night before I go to sleep, I ask God to forgive me for the sins I have committed that day
• You can do the same thing
• Just say, “I’m sorry for the sins I have committed today and how I have disappointed you, please forgive me and help me to do better next time”
• Ask your Mum or Dad to teach you what to say
What happens when we say that prayer?
• God get out his white board eraser and wipes all these sins away
How is God able to wipe away our sins?
• Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins so God can wipe the slate clean again
What did Jesus have to do though to do this?
• Shows us how much God loves us to allow his Son to die for us so our sins can be wiped out
And this moves you right up close to God again
• And its easy to hit the target again because God is helping you

So that takes care of our sins, but now let me ask you, what causes our sins?
• Satan, our friends put pressure on us
• Do they ultimately decide for you to sin, or do you make the final decision?
• Is someone twisting your arm forcing you to sin
• No, ultimately, we are the one’s who make that decision to sin
What is it in us that makes us sin?
• We have a bad heart
The Bible tells us our heart is like a seed
• I have a thistle