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“No rules.” – There is a fast food restaurant in NYC called “Kool Bloo.” Motto – “No rules. Just good food.” That’s the way the world would have you view sin. There are no rules, just good times, good feelings, good experiences. There are no rules. But if there are rules, they are rules that I make up to fit my life. I don’t have to worry about anybody else’s rules except the ones that I make up, or the ones that I want to keep.

“No problem.” – World would have you believe that sin is just not that big a problem; that it’s just something that narrow-minded, conservative Christians use to beat up those folks who don’t see things their way. The world would have you believe that WE are the ones who are making a big deal out of sin.

“Nobody’s business.” – This view is extremely popular, even inside the church. Doesn’t this statement sound right to you: “How I live my life is nobody’s business but my own”? The world would say to me today as I preach on this subject – “You mind your own business!”

We’ve seen a little of what the world says about sin. What was your reaction to those statements about sin? Did you find yourself agreeing with them? Is there some turmoil within your heart right now as you consider where you stand? Keep listening as we discover what God says about sin.

“Sin can master us.” – v. 14-16 – Not only CAN sin master us, but sin WILL master us if we allow it. Whatever you yield to becomes your master, & if you yield to sin, it will become your master & you will be its slave. And that is a BIG problem, no matter what the world says.

When you think of a slave, what picture comes to your mind? Probably that of a pre-Civil War person in chains who is the property of someone else. This person does not have any possessions, does not have any rights, does not have any say-so about their life. They are in shackles & chains, & are totally controlled by their master. They are abused & mistreated & do not have any life of their own. Def. of slave – “one who is bound in servitude; one who is dominated by some influence or habit; someone entirely dominated by some influence or person.”

This is exactly what sin will do to us if we continue to give in to its pull in our lives. May seem exciting at the time, even pleasant & acceptable. But soon we find ourselves enslaved to some habitual, besetting sin. We find ourselves being attacked from all side; hemmed in & surrounded; enslaved & mastered by the sins that we have given in to.

“Sin has tremendous consequences.” – v. 23 – In spite of what the world says or thinks about the consequences of sin, the Bible is extremely clear that there are tremendously horrific consequences when we sin. Let me make this perfectly clear: Sin is terrible – every time, in every way, for every person! There is NEVER a time when it’s OK, never a time when it is acceptable, never a time when it’s not destructive, never a time when there are no consequences. There is