Intro: One of the most common temptations is that of a desire to obtain wealth. Material things become "gods" to not a few people (Eph. 5:5). All kinds of evil comes from pursuing wealth. Among them is our eyes get blinded to the more important things in life. The Lord considered this to be temptation to his disciples; they needed warning. So do we today (Matt. 6:19-21). Ours is a materialistic age and even Christians are not exempt (I Tim. 6:17; Prov. 23:4-5; Eccl. 5:13-15). Consider some things money cannot buy.

1. GOOD CHARACTER AND REPUTATION (Prov. 22:1; Eccl. 7:1). Character defined: "What one is at heart." One can have good reputation, and be hypocritical about it. Character is the real person within, what God looks upon, what God knows us to be, not what others think so. Good character stays with a person. It follows him wherever he goes. Right character and reputation gains the confidence of others, and influences them to follow you as you follow God (Phil. 3:17). Those who live godly have all the opportunities to lead and influence others for good.

2. TRUE FRIENDS (Prov. 14:20; 19:4, 6)
One cannot buy true friends with money. Many have "fair weather friends." They are friends when things are going on well, but in times of adversity they vanish! (See Job and the Prodigal Son). A true friend loves at all times (Prov. 17:17). True friends are made overtime, not bought (Prov. 18:24).

3. REAL HAPPINESS (Psa. 144:15)
Many donít know what real happiness is. It is often confused with pleasures or having a ďgood time.Ē The prodigal son thought that spending his substance on riotous living would bring him happiness. Such is but for a short season (Heb. 11:25). Riches and wealth do not satisfy (Eccl. 5:10-12). Real happiness is the result of being truly blessed by God!

People can enter many earthly organizations by use of money. Money doesnít mean one thing in gaining entrance into the kingdom of God. Consider Peterís rebuke to Simon the sorcerer who thought he could buy the gift of God with money (Acts 8:20-23). Entrance is open to all on the same basis. All must admit their own spiritual poverty. All must be willing to submit to God on His terms. When we humbly submit, we are all one in Christ (Gal. 3:26-29). All must be "born again" to see and enter Godís kingdom (John 3:3-5). Entrance into heaven will be impossible for those who trust in riches (Mark 10:23-25). Some think they can prove God wrong and hope to go to heaven in spite of their trust in riches. Letís do as God admonished and never trust in riches.

5. ONE EXTRA DAY OF LIFE (Eccl. 8:8)
Most worldly people would give everything they possess just to live a while longer. The righteous are an exception. Job proved Satan to be wrong (Job 2:4-5). In most cases, the wicked would not repent if they were given more time. If they havenít seriously obeyed God in their earlier and healthier years, they probably wonít on