to step out in faith and to accomplish Godís will through that act of faith. As we begin to understand that we are in a spiritual battle, Christians have got to begin to claim the power that is available to us. We cannot do this in and of ourselves but we donít have to! God makes the full resources of heaven available to His children. Itís something that we so often forget but God says in Zechariah:
ZEC 4:6 `Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,í says the LORD Almighty.

By Godís spirit we can have victory, by Godís spirit we can raise godly children, by Godís Spirit our marriages can flourish. So many of us have a preconceived notion of who God is and what He can and canít accomplish. We talked a few months ago about some of the ways that we underestimate the power and the majesty of God. We cannot fathom that He may be bigger than the box weíve put Him in.

I was working on the roof of a manís house just outside of Nyack. It was a gorgeous day and the house was up on a hill overlooking the Hudson River. As I stood on that roof, a bald eagle soared a few feet over my head. Its wingspan was immense, I could see the power of that bird, right down to the talons on the end of his feet. I had a whole new respect for eagles. I had seen them before, always in zoos, always sitting peacefully on a tree branch, always at a distance. For the first time I got a true glimpse of the power and majesty of this amazing animal when I witnessed it outside of how I was used to seeing it. So many of us can only picture God in this way, weíve only seen Him at a distance, Weíve seen Him work and move but its always been within the boundaries, the box we keep Him in, of how we think He should work. When we step out in faith and when we understand the power and majesty of the God that we serve, a God who cannot be tamed or contained, when we get just a glimpse of how big and how powerful God is, we will never think the same again.

Satan is a strong enemy, the thought of spiritual warfare is a scary thing, so the only place our confidence can come from is the strength available to us through God. Paul says know Godís strength and then know the strength that you have in that. It is unlike anything else you can experience. The first, basic, idea of spiritual warfare is to know your strength, everything follows from this because as Paul writes later:

Phil 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Spiritual victory begins with Godís strength.

Then Paul moves to the next principle of spiritual warfare: As a soldier in this war, youíve got to:

2) Dress the Part
11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devilís schemes. And he repeats it 2 verses later.

If you are about to engage an enemy, you want to have every possible scenario covered and be protected from every possible attack. Too many Christians try to enter into the battle without the right weapons and without the right