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Let us pray


How many of you here today are getting tired of living the Christian life; you
are even thinking about throwing in the towel, and going back to your former
lifestyle? Sometimes you feel discouraged, and you think maybe itís best to
quit; if thatís happening to you, please donít quit, but stay with the Lord.

On last Sunday evening I was seeking the Lord for something encouraging
for the saints today, on this last Sunday of the year 2003. I came across our
text, Romans 8: 35 through 39, and the thought, Stay With The Lord. There
are many Christians for some reason or the other, are leaving the church or
the ministry to do other things, but I want to en-courage you today, to stay
with the Lord. There are those who are running here and running there,
hoping to find something new, being swayed by every-thing they hear, but I
want to encourage you to stay with the Lord. There are those who are finding
out ways to make a name for themselves, but I want to encourage you to
stay with the Lord. If you stay with the Lord, I am sure everything is going to
be all right.

Please turn with me to page 9 of your bulletins or in your bibles to Romans 8
verses 35 through 39. Letís all stand and read together. Please tell at least 5
persons Donít Give Up On the Lord.

On this last Sunday of the year 2003, I just want to encourage you today to
stay with the Lord. There are people out there who like to major on the
negative, they find fault with everything and every-body, but I want to encourage you to stay with the Lord. Do not stick around negative folks, no
matter how nice they are, love them, but donít stick around them, because
they will pull you down. There is a saying which says, birds of a feather flock together. Negative folks should stay with other negative folks. Find
some folks who think positive, folks that can find some good in every bad situation. Folks that will be able to say with the assurance, I can do all things
through Christ which strengtheneth me. Find some Christian folks who can help you to grow spiritually, and not tear you down. Andrew Carnegie said these words, I owe whatever success I have attained, by and large, to my ability to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am.

Have you ever wondered what kind of a pressure the apostle Paul must have gone through after he turned his life over to the Lord? The saints could not
accept him because they know the kind of person he used to be, but they came to re-a-lize that things are different now, because the old Saul is now
the new Paul. Paulís life was changed, and he was not afraid to suffer for the Lord, and would not allow anything or anyone to turn him away from the
Lord, Paul was going to stay with the Lord at all cost.

In our text we find Paul asking the question, Who or what can separate us from the love of God. Give some Christians some money, and they will start singing a new tune. Give some Christians