The last few years motivational posters have gotten popular. You know what I mean: those posters with a photograph followed by an inspirational saying underneath the picture. We have a few of them in the green room for our musicians on our worship team. Many of you probably have them hanging in your workplace.
Well a company came out that decided to put out some demotivational posters. Id like to share a few of those demotivational posters with you as we start today.

Mistakes: "It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others."

Doubt: "In the battle between you and the world, bet on the world. "

Humiliation: "The harder you try, the dumber you look."

Losing: "If at first you dont succeed, it could be that losing is just your style."

Despair: "Its always darkest just before it goes pitch dark."

We laugh at those because all of us know what discouragement feels like. The truth be told, we spend more time discouraged in life than we do encouraged. So these demotivational posters remind us that you cant be optimistic all the time.

Today were going to talk about how to stay focused on our priorities when we do get discouraged. Now were in the midst of a brief sermon series about priorities. This sermon series is part of our all church emphasis that were calling Beyond Every Limit. The purpose of Beyond Every Limit has been to help us as a congregation dream beyond our current limitations and take some new steps of faith. Our four goals of Beyond Every Limit have been to challenge our members to embrace Kingdom priorities, to see God provide enough money to relocate our coffee house and install some portable classrooms, to pay off our building loan early, and finally to envision new ministries that will extend the influence of Gods kingdom.

This all church emphasis is focused on our members, people who view Life Bible Fellowship Church as their church home. If youre here as a guest today, youre sitting in on some family business, and although were glad youre here, this series of sermons isnt directed to you.

As part of Beyond Every Limit, this last week weve been gathering for all church banquets. Weve had over 600 people attend these four banquets, and I was very encouraged by the level of involvement in our church. If you werent able to attend one of the banquets, be sure to pick up Beyond Every Limit packet in the courtyard after the service. At our banquets last week we also announced the amount of money precommitted by our elder board, staff, and leadership team to Beyond Every Limit. Weve seen over one quarter of a million dollars precommitted by 34 families. I was really encouraged by the fact that our leaders are setting the pace.

Now next weekend, Palm Sunday weekend, is Launch Weekend. On launch weekend well be taking the special one time offering that will go primarily to relocate our coffee house and install portable classrooms. Well also be collecting commitment