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 The Bible must be read as though it was personally written to you! It must not be read as history, or doctrine, or religious literature. When we read John 3:16, we must read it as though we were being addressed: ďFor God so love________________ that He gave His onlyÖĒ
 The Bible is meant to be bread for our daily use, not just cake for special occasions.
 A doctor had recommended surgery to Eleanor Schmidt of Bakesfield, CA and referred her to a specialist. Arriving early for her appointment, she found the door unlocked and the young surgeon, deeply engrossed in reading, behind the receptionistís desk. When he didnít hear her come in, she cleared her throat. Startled, he closed the book, which she recognized as a Bible. She asked, "Does reading the Bible help you before or after an operation?" He dispelled her fears by his soft-voiced, one-word answer: "During." (as reported in Readerís Digest).
 Stick to the Bible

3. Stick to the Local Church

 Still Godís primary instrument for change.
 Jesus is itís Head. He loves it and gave His life for it
 Jesus said that He is building it and that the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
 Donít let hypocrisy keep you from it
 Donít allow past hurts keep you away.
 We need the church for:
- fellowship
- mutual encouragement
- spiritual growth
- worship
- instruction
- opportunities
 Stick to the church that preaches the Bible, that emphasizes missions and evangelism, that loves people.
 Warning: The lion preys on those who are weak and off by themselves.
 Separation Rapids, a brief stretch of turbulent water on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, was named by John Wesley Powell, the one-armed explorer who pioneered the Grand Canyon. It was there that three men left Powellís party and attempted to walk out of the Grand Canyon by themselves. Their decision was precipitated by the fact that the party had lost one of their boats and half their food in an earlier set of cataracts. When they faced Separation Rapid they found whitewater more menacing than anything they had yet faced.
Normally the party would carry their boats around the whitewater. Here it was impossible. Their only two choices were to abandon the exploration and walk out of the Canyon through hostile and uncharted territory or face their fears and plunge ahead. Three chose to leave; seven chose to tackle the rapids. Surprisingly they discovered that the rapids were short and far less menacing than they at first appeared. Within a few minutes they cleared the rapids and found smooth sailing in calm water. They had made it through Separation Rapid unscathed, with all their gear in tact. The three who had left were never heard from again. Those who remain together in the face of trial will soon discover that God provides the grace to endure and survive the trial. Those who bail out on the rest of the