Somebody needs to tell your neighbor: Iím going somewhere Iím in transition.

This river speaks of progression
Tell your neighbor: Iím making progress.
Iím not everything I want to be but Iím making progress, Iím not where I want to be but thank God Iím not where I used to be.

Iím not at z yet, but Iím not at a either (Iím somewhere in between) But Iím on my way.

This river went from ankle deep, to knee deep, to waist deep, to a river that you could not cross over, waters you had to swim in.

I just stopped by to tell somebody: You ainít seen nothing yet, (Iím on my way) you can sit around on the bank, or you can splash around in ankle deep water, but Iíve already made up my mind if there is more I want it.

I just want to tell somebody right now, you are going to make it, you may have hit a rough spot, and it may seem like youíre going to drown, but I came to tell you, youíre not going down, youíre not going under.
God has invested too much in you to let you throw in the towel or to let you drown.

Iím prophesying to somebody right now who is in a hard place, and the devils telling you itís not worth it, youíre not going to make it.
But I came to tell you (itís going to get better) sometimes on your way to the honey you will get stung a few times, but itís worth it.
There are some things that you are struggling with right now (in a little while youíre going to look back and say, I canít believe that was ever an issue with me)

Tell your neighbor: Iím going somewhere
The ankles speak of an end to the old, but not really anything new happening yet.

Or we could say: Saved but still wrestling with sinful desires, saved but not too sanctified, saved but still selfish, (everything is about me)

In the water (but just barely)
In the water (but still in control)
In the water (but still got a bad temper)
In the water (but still have issues with anger and unforgiveness)

In the water but still watching things that feed the old nature
In the water but still listening to music that stirs the old desires

In the water but still living by the desires of the flesh

You can tell folk who are stuck in ankle deep water, the water is always muddy around them) because theyíre always stirring something up.
Theyíre always murmmering and complaining about something.
Itís too cold, Itís too hot, itís too loud, Itís too bright, itís not bright enough, the seats are too hard, the seats are too close together.
The preacher is too long winded, The communion juice is too sour.
People who are stuck in ankle deep water get jealous when other people get blessed or promoted.

someone gets promoted in the church and instead of being happy for them, they form a stay at home committee.

then they come walking in sunday morning with (I bet you missed me attitude)
No we didnít miss you with that attitude because you just muddy up the waters every where you go.

Tell your neighbor: You better (Take another Step)

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Ricky Hager
October 10, 2015