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Take another step


Sermon shared by Revivalist Terry Sisney

March 2010
Summary: There are tremendous blessing waiting for us in God but we must be willing to move out
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: General adults
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have spent their lives in ankle deep waters because they were not willing to go on to receive the mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost and power.
They have even gone so far as to say, that tongues are of the devil and that the gifts of the spirit passed away with the last apostle.

Some are stuck in the ankle deep waters of traditional ways of doing things:
They canít worship God unless you sing out of a songbook.

Some are stuck in ankle deep waters because they believe that dancing in the church is worldly and ungodly.
Still others have adjusted to the idea that dancing may be allowed but only when the Holy Spirit makes you do it. ( This they call being in the spirit)
If you happen to open your eyes to make sure you donít run over somebody or run into the wall (then youíre in the flesh)

Tell your neighbor: Why donít you take another step
Tell your other neighbor: Neighbor, I love you, and neighbor you can just splash around in ankle deep water if you want to (But Iím going Swimming).

Iím getting ready to close but look at this:
After Ezekial had reached the swimming waters, after he came to the place that was uncross able, so big, so vast, so deep, so fast,
He was brought back to the bank where there were many trees..

Once God has liberated you from the bondage of religion, and tradition, and once you have realized that God is bigger than your traditions, bigger than your church, bigger than your organization, bigger than your opinions.
Once you have reached a place where you admit that you donít know it all, and your willing to say there may be more than what I have.

Then you have reached the place where God can use you, and you become qualified to show others the way out.

Who was it that led Ezekial out? You may be tempted to say an angel
But the bible says it was a man.

Tell somebody: Iím that man

Prophesy to them and tell them: Iím here to help you

I havenít been all the way, but Iíve been quite a ways
I havenít gone everywhere, but Iíve gone somewhere
I donít know it all, but I know something

Tell your neighbor: lets go swimming
Look at somebody and tell them, (itís time to go deeper) Take another step

For somebody today: this next step is going to change your life, this next step means a whole new dimension, this next step means the end of some old stuff, some of the battles youíve fought you are not going to have to fight anymore.
For somebody this next step is going to break you out of some traditions that have robbed you and limited your experience and held you back.

Iíve just got to prophesy right here: Somebodyís getting ready to fly ( somebodyís been in the caterpillar stage, and you knew that something was changing, but you just couldnít seem to break loose into the next level), but today is your day.
Today your getting wings.

Prophesy to somebody and tell them: This next step is taking me out of some stuff.
This next step is taking me out of some drama,
This next step is taking me out of some misery
This next step is taking me out of the mud, Iíve been stuck in the mud but today Iím coming out.

Iím trying to close but I feel something pushing me this way:
The Holy Ghost is saying to somebody today: The struggle is over, Youíve been pushing, and youíve been fighting the good fight of faith.
But the Holy Ghost said: Tell you your getting ready to step into a place
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