ability and your willingness to let go of present beliefs to grasp greater truth.

Many good Christians have died of sickness and disease because they either were not taught the part of the gospel that generated faith for their healing or they simply refused to let go of their traditions that sickness is Gods will, that God uses sickness to chasten his children, and that God is glorified by his children suffering sicknesses.

As well many of Gods people have lived a life of poverty and lack struggeling financially all their lives, because they refused to let go of the traditions in the church that taught them that poverty is The mark of humility, and that prosperity is evil and money will make you a bad person.
And that having money is selfish, carnal and worldly.

Many of Gods people have spent their lives in ankle deep waters because they were not willing to go on to receive the mighty baptism of the Holy Ghost and power.
They have even gone so far as to say, that tongues are of the devil and that the gifts of the spirit passed away with the last apostle.

Some are stuck in the ankle deep waters of traditional ways of doing things:
They canít worship God unless you sing out of a songbook.

Some are stuck in ankle deep waters because they believe that dancing in the church is worldly and ungodly.
Still others have adjusted to the idea that dancing may be allowed but only when the Holy Spirit makes you do it. ( This they call being in the spirit)
If you happen to open your eyes to make sure you donít run over somebody or run into the wall (then youíre in the flesh)

Tell your neighbor: Why donít you take another step
Tell your other neighbor: Neighbor, I love you, and neighbor you can just splash around in ankle deep water if you want to (But Iím going Swimming).

Iím getting ready to close but look at this:
After Ezekial had reached the swimming waters, after he came to the place that was uncross able, so big, so vast, so deep, so fast,
He was brought back to the bank where there were many trees..

Once God has liberated you from the bondage of religion, and tradition, and once you have realized that God is bigger than your traditions, bigger than your church, bigger than your organization, bigger than your opinions.
Once you have reached a place where you admit that you donít know it all, and your willing to say there may be more than what I have.

Then you have reached the place where God can use you, and you become qualified to show others the way out.

Who was it that led Ezekial out? You may be tempted to say an angel
But the bible says it was a man.

Tell somebody: Iím that man

Prophesy to them and tell them: Iím here to help you

I havenít been all the way, but Iíve been quite a ways
I havenít gone everywhere, but Iíve gone somewhere
I donít know it all, but I know something

Tell your neighbor: lets go swimming
Look at somebody and tell them, (itís time to go deeper) Take another step

For somebody