Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
Take Your Shoes Off!
(Exodus 3:1-4:16)

1. This article surfaced in the news this week: LONDON, Nov 9 (Reuters Life) - Looking for safe excitement? November is fig month at the Dull Menís Club, a place in cyberspace for men who feel "born to be mild" and enjoy watching grass grow and photographing garden sheds.
"Figs are good for you. High fiber and high nutritional value ... fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol-free ... not to mention the great taste. And they are portable," enthuses the Dull Menís Club Web site.

Öan analysis of baggage carousels at 376 airports globally discovers that 44.8 percent rotate counterclockwise, 29 percent clockwise. The site also reveals the reason for that orientation.

"Many people - corporate executives and celebrities Iíve heard about - enjoy doing the dull things," the siteís author Lee CarlsonÖ told Reuters.
"Itís an ordinary subject taken to extremes. Hereís one: take a bucket, fill it with water, put in some wood, and watch it warp."

For the Dull Menís Club, watching water freeze is stimulus enough, as is discovering the history of soap.

One of the more adventurous pastimes for members is "Binge Flossing" - partly because it is "an inexpensive thing to do on a date."
Visiting museums is a favorite dull menís activity, and the site contains references to a plethora of resources, from safety razors through aprons to water hydrants, via a comb museum in China and Jerusalemís Tax Museum.
"One of the museumís purposes was to be a place to learn about the routine work of the tax department. Wow ... it doesnít get much better than that," enthuses the site.

2. Iíve met a few people over the years who should belong to this club.

3. As a matter of fact, for 40 years, Moses was living a life consistent with the Dull Menís Club. And he had no intention of leaving that life.

4. But God knew that Moses, though comfortable there, did not belong there!

Main Idea: All of Godís servants are human beings with quirks and hidden agendas. God often uses us not because of who we are, but in spite of who we are.

I. Moses Gets DRAFTED

A. Begins with CURIOSITY (1-3)

Horeb is also called Mt. Sinai

1. ``Says F12 R. Eliezer, from the day the heavens and the earth were created, the name of this mountain was called Horeb; but after the holy blessed God appeared to Moses out of the midst of the bush, from the name of the bush "(Seneh)", Horeb was called Sinai.íí [F12 Pirke Eliezer, c. 41. Aben Ezra in Exod. iii. 2. quoted by John Gill]

2. One ancient Rabbi sees the Bushís burning as both symbolic of Godís holiness and Godís awareness of the Hebrewís plight: ďAben Ezra has this note on (Exodus 3:2) .
``the enemy is compared to fire, and Israel to the bush, wherefore it was not burnt:íí

3. Walter Kaiser writes:
ďWhat took place was a "strange sight" (v. 3) to Moses. Therefore, to explain what happened here as a temporary mirage of reflected sunlight on some red leaves or a campfire of some